Q&A with DVD

Demarcus Van Dyke took a few minutes following Thursday's practice to speak on a few topics. Read on to see what the true freshman starter is talking about...

On his prediction of a four interception season:

I got it off the top of my head, I'm just trying to play ball.

On his physical play:

Coming in a lot of schools talking about I need to gain weight and improve my toughness, so I came out here and showed the kids (receivers) that I am tough and I can play ball with them.

Did you call them kids?

(everyone laughs)

On giving a commitment to the Florida Gators during the recruiting process:

I was playing the Gators. You know, I had to go where my heart is at and that is the ‘Canes. When I committed I had a deep gut feeling that said, I don't think I'm going there. I didn't want to just switch back to Miami so I had to wait for a long time until it died down a bit and come back to Miami .

I got a lot of heat. Every time I went out on the street they were calling me traitor, traitor, traitor. After I committed, I know I did the right thing.

His feelings on starting as a true freshman in the last season playing in the Orange Bowl:

It is big…in the Orange Bowl…last year…since the 11th grade, I've dreamed about playing in the orange bowl and now I am here, so now I just got to roll with it now.

On Comparison to former Miami cornerback Phillip Buchanon:

Yesterday, I think Coach Shannon said, he called me Phillip by mistake, I said ‘Phillip, my name is Demarcus, Coach!" People say my body stature is like Kelly Jennings, so I guess that is those two guys right there.

On playing bigger wide receivers, specifically against Marshall:

I think our receivers are as physical and the most fastest receivers out there, that I'll go against in the entire ACC throughout the whole year. You got Lance Leggett, you got Khalil Jones who goes about 225 (pounds) he's real physical. Lance, he's fast. You got Sam, he's real fast. I think if I could do well versus them I think I can do well versus anyone in the country.

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