Shannon: We Will Do Everything To Win

The Hurricanes held their final open media practice of the week on Thursday and Coach Shannon took some time to talk to reporters about the final preparations before the team takes on Marshall Saturday at the Orange Bowl. Read on to find out what UM's new coach is saying just two days before the big first day.

"It's the last day we prepare for Marshall," said Randy Shannon after practice. "Tomorrow will basically be a walkthrough like it was today, just getting fine-tuned. Guys were crisp and sharp and doing what they have to get done and they're excited and ready to play the game on Saturday."

Many fans have been wondering whether or not the ‘Canes will put their whole playbook on display on Saturday. Marshall is not traditionally known as a strong team, and the very next week Miami has to travel to Norman to battle perennial powerhouse Oklahoma. Shannon insisted however that the ‘Canes are coming to play.

"We will do everything to win the game," Shannon said. "We'll do what we have to do. You don't hold back on anything. That's the one thing about football, if someone tells you they are going to hold back, they aren't really holding back. They're going to try to win the game and do what it takes to win."

Shannon briefly touched on the situation with the few spots still up for grabs on the depth chart. They are referred to as the ‘or' positions because on the depth chart, Shannon listed two players. He said that they wouldn't make a decision on who starts until game day.

Lastly, Shannon spoke about Marshall and what to expect from them.

"As a whole team they do a good job," he said. "Coach Snyder does a good job. They were 4-2 if I'm not mistaken the last six games of last season. They are going to try to run the ball and going to try to blitz us, gives us negative plays and try to keep the game close. You have to expect that they are going to do that and are going to do that all year."

Shannon reiterated; however, that his team was not going to be surprised.

"They know what to expect and they are prepared and ready to go."

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