Coach Nix Talking Canes

Patrick Nix spent some time after Thursday's practice talking to the media. Read on to find out what he was saying about the quarterback situation, the upcoming opponent, and a variety of other topics...

The Hurricanes open their season against a Marshall team that didn't even finish 500 a season ago. That won't prevent the Hurricanes from saving anything for Oklahoma the following week.

"You gotta win the game," offensive coordinator Patrick Nix said. "Bottom line. Whatever you gotta do, we'll do to win, that's for sure."

Nix was asked if the gameplan had changed any when Kirby Freeman was named the starting quarterback on Tuesday.

"No," Nix said. "Our gameplan is the same no matter what. It doesn't have anything to do with the quarterback. It has to do with the offense, the offensive line, the running backs, the wide receivers. It doesn't have a whole lot to do with the quarterback. It has a whole lot more to do with the whole offense."

Marshall comes into Saturday's game with a lot of new faces on defense. Nix said that is his biggest concern.

"The biggest thing that worries me is that we don't know about their defense," he said. "They have a lot of new personnel you don't know. That's the biggest concern right now. You gotta have a gameplan so you can prepare for a lot of different things."

One new player Marshall will have on defense is the guy replacing standout defensive end Albert McClellan, a former Lakeland Kathleen standout who was outstanding last season before tearing his ACL earlier this year.

"No," Nix said of a change in gameplan because of that. "He's a great player. It hurts for him for sure. It's not like all of a sudden it's doom and gloom for them. They're gonna be good. They're gonna give us everything they got no matter who's playing. You gotta be prepared no matter what. Whether they got one hurt or not one hurt, you gotta be prepared for every situation during the game."

Nix was asked a series of questions about the quarterback situation. He talked about why he believes Freeman will be successful in this offense.

"Both of them have a lot of the same attributes," he said. "I think their offensive line is gonna be good. I think the wide receivers are good, the running backs are good. The quarterback is only as good as the guys around him. The defense is gonna make him good. The special teams are gonna make him good.It has very little to do with one person."

When asked how short a leash Freeman's on, Nix had an interesting response.

"I'll let him talk about it at the coffee table," he said. "Kirby is our quarterback and we're gonna go play on Saturday is all I can tell you."

The Hurricanes first year offensive coach is excited for his players to take the field for the first time on Saturday.

"I think everyone is anxious for their opener," he said. "I'm sure last year they were the exact same way about the opener. Everyone is excited about the first game. I know our guys are. We will be next year and the year after. The first game is always exciting no matter where you're at and no matter what level you're playing."

What is Nix and the offense looking to get accomplished on Saturday?

"Just go play football," he said. "Don't worry about it. Do exactly what we practied. Go have fun. That's what this game is about -- having fun. That's the most important thing is guys play hard. If they do, they'll do a good job and everything will be fine."

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