9/4 Injury Update

Randy Shannon updated the injury status of a few players today. Read on to see what the list looks like heading into Tuesday's practice...

Randy Shannon updated the status of some injured players on Tuesday.

"Darnell Jenkins is fine," Shannon said. "Josh Holmes is still out. He won't be playing this game. Glenn Sharpe won't be playing this game. Jerrell Mabry is 50/50."

Glenn Cook, Romeo Davis, Robert Marve, Jermaine McKenzie, and Anthony Reddick were all previously injured and are still out.

* In other news, suspended receiver Sam Shields is back in action.

"Sam Shields will play Saturday," he said. "(His involevement in the offense) depends on what Coach Nix wants to do. Everyone on offense has a package. When his package is called, he'll go on the field and perform. If you can go in a game and know this is my package, I know these 10 things, you can be really good. If you gotta know four packages and 50 things, you're gonna be hesitant in what you do."

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