Kenny Phillips Reflects on First Game

Junior safety Kenny Phillips spoke to reporters after practice today about the Marshall game and his thoughts on the ‘Canes next opponent, the Oklahoma Sooners.

Miami safety Kenny Phillips said after practice on Thursday that the key to beating Oklahoma is consistency.

"We have to do the same thing we did last week," Phillips said. "Come out, fly around, and just make plays."

Phillips and the secondary have some work to do, however. Against Marshall, the Hurricanes gave up a handful of medium to long passing plays down the middle of the field, a result of miscommunications between the linebackers and defensive backs according to both coaches and players. Phillips commented on that and how it needs to change versus the Sooners:

"[We] basically just [have to] watch more film," Phillips said. "Get in the film room and study more. We pretty much know what we are supposed to do, but guys weren't talking. We know it's going to be a loud stadium so we definitely just want to get into the meeting room and focus more on getting checks."

"It's the first game and everyone's rusty you know? Everyone is anxious and trying to make a play. You know when we get anxious and try and make a play bad things happen sometimes."

Phillips went on to talk about Oklahoma and their offense.

"They're ranked," he said. "That's the biggest difference, that they are ranked. They run the ball pretty good and their quarterback is a freshman but he plays like a senior so he's pretty good. He's surrounded by great athletes and it pretty much makes his job easier, but he doesn't make mistakes."

The focus isn't entirely on what went wrong versus Marshall, however. Phillips also had some positive things to say about that game and about the defensive effort, specifically their ability to tackle.

"We know how to finish. We got a little early lead in the half but we put together more points in the second half and we kept them out of the end zone so that shows that we know how to finish a game."

"Tackling wasn't really a problem in the first game and I doubt it'll be a problem in the second game because we work on it a lot in practice, so I think we'll be alright."

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