Chavez Grant prepares for Oklahoma, Kelly

Read on to find out what Chavez Grant is saying about the Hurricanes' upcoming game against the Oklahoma Sooners

Coming up on Saturday, the Miami Hurricanes roll into Norman, Oklahoma to face off against the Associated Press #5 ranked team in the country, the Oklahoma Sooners.

The Hurricanes also come into the game ten point underdogs and enters a hostile environment of potentially 80,000 people, but sophomore cornerback Chavez Grant doesn't mind.

"Odds are always against us," he said. "It is us versus the world – 80,000 doesn't mean a thing, it is just a bunch of noise. The crowd doesn't mean anything. We don't care what the people say – we think we can beat anybody."

However, after a 31-3 win over Marshall, the confident ‘Canes defensive backs will be tested by the Oklahoma passing game.

The Sooners have 6-foot-4, 217 pound wide receiver Malcolm Kelly, a bona fide National Football League prospect and potential All-Big XII selection to contend against – nothing like they saw in the Marshall passing attack.

Against North Texas he scored twice on four catches for 118 yards receiving. The prospect of playing a potential NFL prospect only intrigues Grant more in the showdown versus Oklahoma.

"Hype doesn't really mean anything," Grant said. "He has to come and play. Down here at Miami, we love the competition – NFL prospect or not – we just love to play against guys that are just as good as us. The defensive backs he played against were not our defensive backs. We feel like we have NFL prospects in our secondary too."

During practice this week, the team will have to focus on fixing communication between the linebackers and defensive backs. Head Coach Randy Shannon noted it as an area of improvement during Tuesday's press conference due to several breakdowns between the two units that led to Marshall drive saving pass completions.

"It was our first game," Grant said. "We were talking a lot about communication and getting the calls made. It was just a little big of communication but it happens with every team."

"They see a few big plays whether it is run or pass they are going to try and attack that," he said. "So we are going to prepare for that and go play."

Grant is confident that it will not be a problem versus Oklahoma or for the rest of the season.

"As the season goes on, as we practice more and more and the team comes together we will get better."

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