Q&A with Kirby Freeman

Kirby Freeman addressed the media on Tuesday. Read on to see what he's saying about the Marshall game, the upcoming Oklahoma game, where he feels the team is on their progress, and much, much more...

Thoughts on the Marshall game:
We got some pretty powerful players this season. There are some things I wanted to do better personally on. The offensive line did a great job. We didn't have any sacks. We didn't pass the ball a whole bunch, obviously. When we did they were short because their secondary was so far off.

On holding things back vs. Marshall:
I wouldn't say we held back, I'd say ever since camp started we've been working on preparation and plans in general. Now we just decide what plays we're gonna pull out of the bag for certain games. Oklahoma is a good football team. They're very well coached. They recruit some very big time players out of Texas and Oklahoma. They recruit all around the country like we do. They're well coached, a very good football team. We got our work cut out for us this week. Coach Nix is gonna call whatever works. It's basically as simple as that. If it's working, I'm gonna keep running it -- I can tell you that.

On being close with any Oklahoma players:
The only one I was close with is Rhett Bomar. He's a good buddy of mine. A lot of us from Texas were recruited by Oklahoma. They have some familiar faces over there but I don't know many of them personally.

On wanting any throws back from last week:
The overthrown ball I had to Lance, I'd like to have that one back. I'd take a little off. After watching the film (there were) a couple things here and there that I saw. It's easy to see from the stands or on film that you don't see behind center. I had the one turnover. It was just a big mistake on my part. I learned my lesson. Their secondary was backed up all game and I was getting greedy. I told coach lets get Nuke (Darnell Jenkins) some catches and he said take what they give you. I went in there and made that mistake. Coach said we've all done it before. Against Oklahoma, I won't be able to make that mistake and I know that.

What happened on the interception:
It was just a bad throw. He was open and I should have gotten him the ball.

On Oklahoma's athletic secondary:
They got good athletes and good coaches. It'll take us some time to pick at them to see what works. You gotta feel for what's gonna work. I think we're gonna have a pretty good chance to be successful. Coach Nix and the staff is working hard like they always do.

On missed opportunities in the passing game:
I'll tell you, in game time situations, if you got guys open, we gotta make the plays. Regardless if it's overthrown or it's a dropped pass, this is what we're here for. We're here for the education but we're also here to play football. I gotta make throws. Lance has gotta make catches. It sounds simple but that's exactly how it works.

On having confidence in his receivers:
I have 100-percent confidence. If I put it reachable for those guys, I think there's a 100-percent chance they're either gonna catch it or get a pass intereference call.

On Shannon's game preparation:
I'll tell you, it's things I've told you guys from the get go. The way he works at game situations -- he knows we don't need to get to the stadium and have to wait around so long before we play. The night before we like to get in the meeting and talk a little football. If we don't know it by then we're not gonna know it. Coach Shannon and Coach Nix both played. They understand what it takes as a player. That's been real nice on us as a player. We're playing football and it's real simple.

On seeking Shannon's advice on how to attack a defense:
I'll tell you, back when Coach Shannon was just the defensive coordinator, I would go to him with the formation and say, 'coach, how would you line up to this' and he'd fill it out and give it back to me. I'd say, 'alright, what if I attack you this way'. Then I'd say, 'you got me' or he'd say, 'ou got me'. It's just like a chess game.

On playing in front of a national TV audience:
Me personally, that's the closest thing I'll come to home unless we go to a bowl game in Texas. Me personally, I'm jacked. I got plenty of people coming to the game. We're gonna have about 88 or 88 1/2 thousand people people there. I'm real excited to be walking into the stadium with the guys I'll be walking in with.

On a win Saturday putting UM back on the map:
I really don't think we've left the map, other than we're not in the top 25. We're right where I wanna be -- playing Oklahoma, Texas A&M is ranked pretty high. We're taking one step at a time. It's a big game. They're very well coached and got great players. But we're gonna approach it like it's just another game.

On guys staying fresh last Saturday:
I think you saw this past Saturday - the rotation was pretty good. (Shannon) asked after the game if anyone got tired and no one did. You can rotate a little more when you're winning like we were. When you got offensive linemen and defensive linemen and secondary guys and running backs, when their legs are fresh it makes a world of difference. I had a toss to Javarris and he breaks it for 60 yards but we had a holding penalty. Javarris takes a play off. Then I pitch it to Coop and he takes it 75 yards. The next play I hand it to Javarris and he takes it one yard for a touchdown. I'm really excited about Javarris and Coop and we got Derron in there and he did a nice job.

On Oklahoma putting an extra guy in the box:
That's something we're gonna have to feel out. If they bring an extra guy in the box, we're gonna be prepared. With this offense and the University of Miami, we're always gonna want to establish a running game. It's the quarterback's best frind.

On Oklahoma scoring 79 against North Texas:
It's impressive. I'm pretty sure they got a redshirt freshman playing quarterback. That's good for him. I remember when I was a redshirt freshman. I would have loved to be in his shoes to come out and score 79, regardless of the opponent. Anytime you score 79 points in Division 1 football, regardless of the opponent, it's pretty good.

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