Shannon Confident Before Oklahoma

Coach Randy Shannon and the Hurricanes practiced for the final time before their big game this Saturday against Oklahoma. Read on to see what he's saying about the team's preparation, the importance of the game, and more

The Hurricanes practiced in pads and shorts today and mainly did some walk-through work, going over various plays and packages and making sure that everyone was on the same page in regards to the finer details. Randy Shannon spoke to reporters after practice.

"Today was just a walkthrough," Shannon said. "Just a tune up day for a walkthrough, we got a lot of stuff done today. We got practice done today with shorts. Guys flew around and had fun, had good two minute drills, were competitive and things like that, so it was a good day today."

The ‘Canes are double digit underdogs for the game, but if you talk to Shannon, you would never know it. To him and the rest of the team, Oklahoma is just another game. Shannon said that the team is confident.

"I'm always confident in this football team," Shannon said. "I think it's a great bunch of guys and great coaching staff and we can't go into a game without any confidence. We always have to have confidence in what we can do."

"[Oklahoma is] not a measuring stick. Every game that you play is important, if it's Oklahoma of FAMU. Every game you have to step up and play in and like we always say just compete. Be the best that you can be and also play at a high level and expectations and never settle for less and you'll be successful."

A large part of Miami's potential success on Saturday lies on special teams. When two high caliber teams match up against each other, field position plays a large role. Shannon addressed that issue:

"[Special teams is] very important on the road. If you win special teams, you basically win field advantage. You have a short field and your opponents have a long field. It's very important for us to do a great job on special teams and that's been the emphasis all summer and it'll be very special for us this game."

He also spoke about the hostile environment. During Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops' tenure, the Sooners have only lost twice at home. However, Shannon re-emphasized that the team was ready to play.

"They just play well, most teams play well at home so it's always a challenge when you go to another team's backyard. It's like I tell the players on this team. It's between the goal posts and between the yards, hashes to hashes and sideline to sideline."

The Sooners and ‘Canes clash this Saturday at noon.

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