Shannon: Don't Feel Sorry For Us

Miami coach Randy Shannon wants to make sure people aren't feeling sorry for his team after the 38-point loss last Saturday. Read on to see what Shannon is saying on how the team is moving on...

Randy Shannon was on the road for the first time in his young coaching career. He was coaching against a ranked team for the first time. The results? They weren't pretty. The Hurricanes suffered its worst defeat in nearly a decade.

Having said that, Shannon wants people to understand that this team will move on and he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry.

"The mentality of this team is we got to represent Miami," he said. "We got to go out every day and compete and win games. We can't feel sorry for ourselves at anytime. There's gonna be tough times. We have to do what we have to do in order to win games."

Shannon has confidence in his players that they will respond well after a big loss.

"I always thought when you play at the University of Miami, you're the best player in the world," he said. "Look at the coaches who have come through here and what they've done. Look at the players who came through here and what they've done. The reason you come to Miami is because you are the best. You have to believe in that and trust it."

Shannon said his team was upbeat and ready to move on when they reported on Sunday.

"It was shocking because guys seen film on what we did wrong," he said. "Like I said, it's always one guy. One guy from breaking a big play. One guy from getting the turnover. It's not just one guy the whole game. As a team, if we bear down and do what we're supposed to do, God knows what will happen. It's film watching, guys came up on their own and were watching film."

The team understands what it must do in order to make the corrections from Saturday's mistakes and move forward.

"You go out and make corrections on film," he said. "We had opportunities. At 21-13, we had an opportunity to come back and win the game. Then the kickoff was short, add in a personal foul, and now it's a snowball. Thats where the guys gotta see and understand. Guys didn't quit. When we have opportunities, we gotta capitalize."

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