Campbell Re-evaluates Phil Loadholt; Talks OU

With the 51-13 drumming of the Hurricanes by Oklahoma behind them, Calais Campbell gave one more look at the game. As a response to last weeks "Key Matchup", Calais re-evaluates Sooner left tackle Phil Loadholt after playing against him this past Saturday in a Q&A.

Larry Cole: How do you feel about your performance against Oklahoma?
Calais Campbell: "I made plays, but I didn't play as good as I could. I played pretty bad in my eyes. I got a sack, a fumble recovery, a couple tackles but I know I can play a lot better, I could have played a lot better."

LC: What can you tell us about Phil Loadholt following the game?
CC: "He is a pretty good player, big, strong, very athletic, and he tried to finish me every time he had a chance to, so it was a good match up, even though I didn't play as good as I wanted to, we went back and forth and we both made plays but I didn't play well that game, I feel like I can get a lot better in the next game."

LC: Was he a different player from the film you saw from North Texas?
CC: Yeah, most definitely. When you are on the field you see a lot more stuff, and what you are looking for, he doesn't always show, and he is trying to get better himself so what he didn't give away on film, he gave away in the game.

He was a lot more athletic than I thought he was from when I saw him on film.

LC: Did you meet up with him after the game, was anything said?
CC: I was looking for him, but I couldn't find him. I found all of the other tackles, but I didn't get a chance to see him.

I didn't know he was from Colorado, which is kind of cool, because so am I, it was kind of crazy to see two top players from there.

LC: Do you think Loadholt is an NFL type tackle?
CC: Most definitely. Besides Jason Fox he is probably the next best tackle I've ever gone against. I definitely think he will be in the NFL one day, I think he will be a starter one day. His size and his athletic ability and his mentality to finish off players is what all NFL teams look for.

LC: What was his best attribute?
CC: For a guy his size his feet were definitely pretty good. I think the best thing about him is that fight to win. He didn't want to quit. He kept fighting, because when we keep going back and forth, usually, on film, he didn't look as quick, he took a lot longer to get there. We were going back and forth on every play.

LC: You felt last week you could get him worn out over four quarters. How did you feel he performed though the whole game?
CC: They rotated a bit, so yeah, he did. He played good all game. I didn't see any lapse in his game at all.

LC: What did he do to slow down your motor?
CC: Cut blocks helped. When I got going, he'd cut me and kind of get me down a bit. Then it would take me a few plays to get going again. He did a good job and I think my motor was still there. I could have played a little more fast paced to get with the rhythm of the game. He did a good job.

LC: What can you take from this game against this player?
CC: Every game you learn a lot. I try to get better every game and figure something else about myself. I need to work on my feet and my hands. I got a lot of athletic ability but if I don't use my hands and my feet I have to work harder on myself. I need to be technically sound every play. I need to be consistent.

LC: How are you working on things week to week?
CC: Couch Hurtt does a good job with me because he knows that is what I need to work on. I just have to do what he keeps telling me to do and that is working hard.

LC: Do you expect to see Phil Loadholt getting some post-season collegiate hardware?
CC: He is a great player, so I have no doubt in my mind he deserves to be on there from what I've seen and all of the guys I've gone against.

LC: Where do you rate him in terms of tackles you've faced in your career?
CC: Besides Fox, he'd be the next best.

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