Shannon Talks FIU

Head coach Randy Shannon will lead his 1-1 Hurricanes into the Orange Bowl on Saturday to take on an 0-2 FIU team. A lot of people are talking about the game because of its past history. Read on to find out what Shannon is saying.

On preparation for the game after last year:
"I don't even talk about it. Last year is last year. It's a different team, a different mentality. (We) have been doing everything off the field that we needed them to do. We've been doing things on the field we need to do. We don't have delay of games, illegal formations. We have some aggressive penalties we need to address. I believe in this team and I believe in this coaching staff."

On preparing for potential late hits and/or cheap shots from FIU players:
We did it last week in practice. We took some cheap shots at offensive linemen. We took some cheap shots at the wide receivers. As you see in the game, there was some shoving after the plays but no confrontation. We always work on that in practice. I've been doing that since I was the defensive coordinator six years ago. (Those are) things you gotta prepare for as a coach. We had one instance last week in practice -- I can't give you the name -- one guy who retaliated back. He sat out the rest of practice and had to do conditioning. He didn't practice the rest of the day. Was he upset? Yes. Was he miserable? Yes. When we got in the game, a couple things happened to him and he just walked back in the huddle."

On where FIU is as a team:
"They're doing a good job over there -- scheme wise, they're playing hard all the time. That's what you want your guys to do -- play hard all the time."

On early preparations for Texas A&M:
"We gotta concentrate on FIU. You can't install anything for Texas A&M this week. You gotta make sure guys on the team concentrate on FIU, That's all we're working on."

On the game being between two hometown schools:
"It's a great atmosphere. There will be a lot of students and fans in the stands."

On his relationship with Mario Cristobal:
"I wish Mario the best all the time. We talk a lot. We're always talking about things we can help each other out with."

On the familiarity amongst players at both schools:
"It doesn't (matter). It's gonne be a game where guys on the other side of the ball are trying to win the game. My won (Xavier), Kenny Phillips and his brother, guyys who played on the same high school teams -- it's all gonna be fun."

On anticipating any problems after last year's incident:
"No problems. I think that's the way we preach. We don't tolerate those kinds of things."

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