Addressing the QB Situation

After just two starts this season, Kirby Freeman was benched earlier this week in favor of senior Kyle Wright. Read on to see what's going on at the quarterback position, according to head coach Randy Shannon...

On what happened to Kirby Freeman against Oklahoma:
"I don't really know. As a quarterback, we want you to do things that give us a chance to win games. Everybody struggles. The first game we had a couple drops. Now (against Oklahoma) receivers caught the ball well and the offensive line was protecting. As a coach, you can get down on a kid but we're gonna keep coaching Kirby Freeman. Coach Nix will continue coaching him even if Kyle is the starter. You're gonna need (both) those guys in the long run."

On not believing in a two quarterback system:
"It's because you gotta have confidence in what you're doing. Kirby is always gonna be a good quarterback for us. Kirby did good things but we needed more. Kyle came into the Oklahoma game and scored a touchdown."

On why Kyle Wright got the starting job:
"He came into Oklahoma and gave us a spark. We're gonna have two packages. We're not gonna play two quarterbacks in the game unless it's necessary. We got two quarterbacks but Kyle will be the quarterback until otherwise said so. It's the Kyle Wright show for right now. We're gonna trust in him and believe in him."

On Freeman's reaction to getting benched:
"Kirby's fine. He's doing well. Everybody knows it's tough when you get demoted. I remember I was upset when I got demoted. You gotta go out and compete. Kirby will be a part of this team and help Kyle out when he needs it."

On the status of freshman Robert Marve:
"He's doing 7 on 7 but can't take snaps (yet). Doctors took the cast off. He's able to move it. It's just a process we have to wait and see."

On who the third team quarterback is right now:
"It's (Jorge) Fernandez."

On getting the tight ends more involved in the passing game:
"That's why we're making changes at quarterback. You gotta understand -- we got great tight ends. We got great wide receivers, great running backs. We gotta get the ball in their hands. We're not giving up sacks so you tell me what's going on. We can call the play but it's the quarterback's job to read the coverages and get the ball in their hands. If we're not giving up sacks and the ball's not being thrown, now Kyle's the guy. Everyone on this team feels comfortable with him. They all love him. You don't have to throw the ball deep downfield to make plays. Just get it to the running backs, the receivers quickly, move the sticks and now it's a touchdown.

On being ranked 2nd to last among Division 1A teams in passing offense so far:
"It doesn't shock me. We're not giving up sacks (and) we're not throwing the ball. That's why we need to make changes. You can't go in and say we're gonna run 70 times a game, 80 times a game. You gotta throw the ball sometimes to make things happen and to move the sticks."

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