Wright: I Was Just Waiting For Opportunity

You don't want to miss what Kyle Wright is saying about the quarterback situation. Read on to get his thoughts on not being named the starter at the start of the season, the Oklahoma game, and how he prepared himself as the 2nd teamer...

On whether not being named the starter was a humbling experience:
"A little bit. In the offseason I put in a lot of hard work. The decision didn't go my way in the beginning but sitting down and thinking about it the only way I could go is go out and have good practices and be ready on Saturday's when my number got called. That's the only thing I was concentrating on doing."

On looking over his shoulder now that he's the starter again:
"Not at all. I'm gonna prepare hard. We're gonna be ready to play week in and week out. I'm gonna do my job. I can't worry about if I make a bad throw or interception. Everybody makes mistakes. We're gonna play through it and that's it."

On handling being a 2nd team player to start the season:

"It was difficult to swallow at first. The only thing I did and wanted to do is go out and work hard and be ready when I got my opportunity. Being a senior and a two-year starter, I had to accept that it was the coaches decision. The only thing I could do is be ready when my number was called."

On what he brings to the table:
"I don't think anything special. When I say that, Coach Shannon and Coach Nix have stressed to myself and everyone just go do your job. If we have 11 guys on offense doing their jobs on every play we're gonna be successful. I'm looking to do my part. If we do that, everything will be fine."

On having that fire back after watching from the sidelines to start the first two games of the season:
"I guess you could say that in a way. Not playing -- I've never had to deal with that in any sport since I was six. It's definitely a different feeling. Like I said, I just wanted to go out and work hard and be ready when I got my opportunity. If I wasn't ready, who knows when I'd get my next one."

On his struggles after throwing five touchdowns against Wake Forest in 2005:
"There's a lot of things that go through your mind. If we have 11 guys truly doing their assignment on every play, that's hard to stop any team. That's what we haven't been doing and it's something we're working on in practice -- trying to get on the same page. Every play, communicating and trusting each other is really gonna help us a lot."

On finding out that he'd be the starter this week:
"I found out (Tuesday) morning. The flight back from Oklahoma was disappointing. We lost 51-13. That's about all I can describe the flight back -- it was a long flight."

On the FIU game and the situation from last year carrying over:
"It's not gonna happen. Last year it got out of hand. That's pretty much all I'm gonna say. This is a whole new team, a whole new coaching staff. They're a whole new team, a whole new coaching staff. We're just gonna go out and play football. It's a good rivalry -- a lot of guys played with guys in pop warner or in high school. We're gonna go out and be ready to play."

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