Cooper Talks OU, FIU

After a successful opening week performance against Marshall, true freshman Graig Cooper really struggled against Oklahoma's defense. Read on to see what he said is the reason for that, how he plans to rebound, and to get his thoughts on the FIU game...

On the Oklahoma loss:
"Oklahoma came to play. We made a couple mistakes. They came out with a victory and we lost. They're a good team -- good and disciplined. Their players stuck to what they had to do within the gameplan."

On being humbled with the loss:
"I've always been humble. They came to play. They wanted it more than we did and they came out with a victory."

On doing things differently:
"It's a lot of things we could have done differently. We're looking forward to FIU right now.

On Oklahoma's speed on defense:
"We go against it every day in practice. They were real disciplined. They were where they were supposed to be and that helps you out a lot."

On evaluating the Oklahoma game film:
"We ain't watch film of Oklahoma. We're just watching film on FIU. We talked about Oklahoma a little bit but we wanted to put it in the past."

"We don't take nobody lightly. We're not gonna say FIU isn't good because if we go into it with the attitude they're not good, we won't play good."

On the local players knowing each other:
"I'm not from here so I can't answer for that for you."

On the switching of the quarterbacks:
"That's Coach's decision. Both of them are good quarterbacks. It really don't matter to me. With Kirby or Kyle back there, it'll help us out. Different quarterbacks make different decisions. We're gonna roll with Kyle."

On having a big day against FIU on the ground:
"I can't tell you what I'm gonna do. If that's God's plan, I'll do it. It's extra motivation but if I can't tell you what I'm gonna do."

On establishing a better passing game:

"It's real important. We wanna run the ball and we wanna pass the ball. We just gotta open up both of them. We haven't been very successful passing the ball so we just gotta work hard and go in with a positive mindset."

On other teams having success on the ground vs FIU so far:
"I don't too much dwell on what other teams do. I don't watch film on other teams."

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