Dee Addresses FIU Situation

University of Miami athletic director Paul Dee addressed the media regarding topics of the FIU situation from last season. Read on to see what he's saying about this year's game and how they plan to prevent anything from happening...

On this year's game:
"I'd simply say we're pleased to be playing the game. I think it's important for the game to be played. It's important for both teams to have the opportunity to play the game. It's regrettable, very much, what occured last year. I don't think either of us like what happened. We had to grow and learn and I think a lot of that has occured since that time."

On how to properly address the issue:

"It's on the minds of our coaching staff and players. I'm sure it's on the minds of the coaching staff and the people at FIU and how important it is that we address the issue and understand what's at stake."

On the punishment of certain players after last year's incident:

"Our student athletes engaged in community service, working with groups that address the needs of the homeless. There's a lot that's gone on with this."

On speaking out on preventing another incident:

"Interestingly, Mr. Garcia and I had the opportunity last January to address the NCAA convention on the issue. When we went to Orlando, we talked about the matter and what people around the country can do to recognize that these circumstances exist and how to react to them when they come into play."

On preparing the players this year to avoid a similar situation:
"This year there have been some additions. The coaches on the teams have addressed the issue with their players. We've always had a sportsmanship component in our student athlete handbook and it needs to be emphasized. We have all the confidence in the world that they remember and that Coach Shannon is a great leader."

On the fact that it's a physical game:
"I think you have to understand that this is a pretty rough game. It's a game that's very intense emotionally. We have to recognize people need to be prepared to understand the circumstances if it doesn't go your way."

On having any extra security measures for the game:
"I'm not going to discuss what our security plans are."

On discussions with the referees for tomorrow's game:

"I have not spoken to the referee crew (ACC crew). Having said that, I believe the conference is aware of the circumstances. I would assume the people responsible for those things will have a discussion. I'm sure the referees are aware of what happened last year."

On how to contain a situation like that:
"I've talked about it like it's a forest fire. An event like this, you never plan on it, you know it can happen infrequently. It starts in a flash and the trick is, once it starts, do the things you need to do to put out the forest fire and look at things you can do to prevent it from happening."

On President Shalala's alleged statement that any player ejected for fighting would be dismissed from the team:
"I think what President said, we'd have to go back and review that. If anything happens like that and somebody is suspended, a much more severe action would be taken because now it's on the front page. My point is I don't recall that she said that."

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