Kevin Williams Update

I went to watch Kevin Williams play last night and came away very impressed with him as an offensive left tackle prospect.

At 6-7 and 265, he has the body to fill out at 6-7 and 300+. He has long arms that he uses well to force defensive ends to take wide routes to the QB. He also does a real nice job always getting his hands on the defender, plays with excellent balance and shuffles feet well. He's a knee bender most of the time and has the quickness to reach linebackers. Huge wingspan and good footwork.

He needs to work on leverage, finishing blocks, and basically filling out and become stronger.

A very good athlete, he has only been playing football for 14 games. He seems to have a lot of natural tools - size, footwork, and athletic ability to become a very good LT at the college level. It'll take him a year or two to fill out, develop the necessary strength, and have the meanstreak to become a dominating player. I think his upside is outstanding as an OT prospect.

UM's still the clear leader for Williams, who is also being recruited as a defensive lineman.

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