Shannon Talks Texas A&M

Miami head coach Randy Shannon talked about Texas A&M on Monday morning. Read on to get his thoughts on their team, their quarterback, and more...

On A&M's offense:
This week we have Texas A&M, a real good football team. They are more of a run football team offensively. They try and run the ball. They keep the run game going. If you get them into third down sitatuations, their passing concepts are not exotic and something that you have to worry about. If you get them into 3rd down situations, you get them into situations they don't like to do.

On A&M's Defense:
Defensively, they don't do a lot of blitzing. They try and play base defense and make you try and out execute them -- try and let the guys play football and play sound and say, 'OK, if you can go 80 yards and score, and they aren't going to do anything to try and screw it up'. They will let you make the mistake.

On A&M's Special Teams:
Special teams wise, they have a real good special teams, real good kickoff team. Very good guys to cover the field well. They do a real good job on the kickoffs. The kickoff guy is averaging kicking them out of the end zone and through the end zone on film. He does a great job. The is going to be a task, so when they kick it off to us, we are going to have to start on the 20 yard line, but if he mis-hits it, we have an opportunity because of the wind in the Orange Bowl. If you hit to the wrong part of the endzone, the ball will hang up and give you an opportunity to get a great return.

On A&M's running QB, Stephen McGee:
Everytime we play somebody they have scrambling QBs. Marshall had one, FIU has one, and this guy does a good job at doing what he tries to get done. To stop what they do best we have to start and stop the running backs. They have two nice running backs, they do a nice job. We have to get them into passing situations. Make sure the guys keep the QB contained.

On RB Javorskie Lane:
He is a big guy running inside, downhill type runner. He isn't an edge runner. If we can get him to go sideways and keep him going sideways we can stop his hard running. The other kid (Mike Goodson) does a great job at hitting the corners. You do have to watch out. If you remember we recruited him to come to Miami. If you aren't careful he will bounce one outside, he is more of an outside runner. It is up to the linebackers. (If) the linebackers are doing good and going down and filling the gaps to get the guys off the defensive tackles, we'll be fine.

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