Shannon: We Have to Score More

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon had to say about the quarterback play, scoring opportunities, the emerging play of Darnell Jenkins, and more...

On Kyle Wright:
He had a good game last week. He has to learn how to protect the football from a fumble, and when we are in the red zone, don't get greedy. He got greedy on that one play. If he went through his reads, and throws to the right guy, you get a 15-20 yard gain. Did he make some great throws? Yes he did, but he just has to be consistent.

He doesn't have to win games. If he just gets the ball into the playmakers' hands like he did against FIU, and when he had the drive against Oklahoma, just get the ball into the players hands, don't try and make the difference in the play, and if he does, he'll be fine.

On scoring opportunities:
It is opportunities and that is the biggest thing we have to capitalize on. On the redzone offense, throwing in the redzone. We've had opportunities and we know as a staff, three points is a score, but we need seven points. It is a problem when you haven't scored seven points, because that makes the difference in most games.

On Darnell Jenkins:
Everybody on the team has a role. Darnell doesn't play when there are two receivers in the game. Strictly when we play 3 and 4 receivers, that is his little niche. Like I said, we try and find something for everybody on this team to do. Darnell knows when those two personel groups come in, he has to block or he has to come in and get into the open field where he can make plays and get us moving on the offensive side of the ball.

On contact:
Darnell was a DB in high school. Darnell was a free safety and a wide receiver. So Darnell knows about taking punishment and giving out hits. He likes blocking, and as you know he caught a pass over the middle against FIU. He caught it, took the blow, kept it, got up, and went back to the huddle.

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