Shannon: Linebackers Have to Improve

Miami head coach Randy Shannon's a defensive coach. Read on to see what Shannon is saying about Miami's defense after three games of the season...

On the run defense:
It has been OK -- not very good. Last week, against the quarterback, the quarterback scrambled for 69 yards, scrambles late in the game, you don't want that. But as far as overall, they have been doing a nice job. Oklahoma is a run team. Marshall is a run team. FIU, I don't know if they threw the ball more than 10-15 times. Everyone is trying to shorten the game up around the football.

On Bruce Johnson: He has played the defense -- jammed guys, ran press coverage well, got all of his communications down, didn't blow any assignments. That is what he did well. (I'm) not disappointed in Bruce (after 2 years in the program). He has made plays since he has been here at Miami. Last year wasn't his greatest year, but his freshman year he came in and did a lot of good things.

He has Kelly Jennings ability. He really does. He is quick, maybe one of the quickest guys from point A to B that we have on the team in terms of changing directions and those types of things, and that is what he brings to the table. You get him in bad positions, but he is so fast and quick he is able to get out of them. He is real quick.

He is a yes sir-no sir guy. But he is a little different than Kelly. He is quiet. Bruce is a little quiet, but not real quiet. Kelly is always on top of him, making sure about him. If Kelly is on top of him, that means he is humble.

On the linebackers:
They did ok, not great. They have a lot of improvement to make, and they know it. Improve in overall scheme wise, that's all.

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