Bain Talks TAMU

This quick Q&A session with senior guard Andrew Bain focuses on short week of practice, the Orange Bowl at night, a scouting report of the TAMU defense, and more.

On the short week of practice:

It is a short week so we have to turn around and focus on A&M…We didn't have any days off this whole camp, it wasn't a big thing to turn around, just get back to practice, back to focusing yesterday and get ready for this game coming up on Thursday. Each step is very important. Each week is a new challenge and we need to rise to the occasion and to overcome it is important to our team.

On Texas A&M's defense:

They are a great team. They are real physical. They play a different style of defense then we are used to, but we are going to go out there and play with tremendous effort. They run a base 42, over 42 or under 42, no difference, just 6 man boxes; it is different for us to look at, is all. Most people like to stack the box with 7 or 8 guys or even 9 guys, and this team won't do that. They blitz fine, #9 they use as a LB, cornerback, safety kind of guy, which gives them that 7th man. They play straight up and try and beat the man in front of them.

On Coach Shannon keeping the team focused and fresh and whether it has helped:

I think it did. Coach Shannon did a really good job , keeping everybody fresh this entire camp, we came into the season playing fresh, everybody is feeling good going into this game.

On the Orange Bowl at night:

The Orange Bowl has always been magical for us, anytime you get a chance, especially a night game, Thursday night football. Ever since I've been here, it has been a special time to play football. A great atmosphere, and that is what I expect on Thursday. It is going to be great, a lot of energy, the air is going to have a lot of tradition. Lot of great football on Thursday nights, going to be a good game.

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