9/25: News & Notes

Randy Shannon held his weekly press conference earlier today and he talked about a number of things. Read on to see what's going on around the team following its big win over Texas A&M on Thursday...


* Feels the team didn't finish the game versus TAMU and thinks the team as a whole was disappointed in the last few minutes touchdown.
* Feels that the team needs to finish because Duke is another team that doesn't quit and always fights.
* Shannon prefers to play games in the day time over the night games. He feels that more than the mystique of the Orange Bowl at night, that the heat and humidity are more of an advantage than the night.
* The difference in attendance for TAMU and Marshall was only 4,000 fans.
* Kickoff coverage and the kickoff distance have been "baaaaaad". The team will use some starters on special teams this week and during practice to attempt to improve the unit.
* You might see more of the "Wildcat/hog" formation in games, it depends on the game situation, however he stressed to use it sparingly otherwise its effectiveness with lessen.


* Fumbles are not acceptable. Running back Graig Cooper needs to improve on this or he "won't play, bottom line"…on the same note, he said "Let Kyle keep fumbling and he won't play".
* Shannon feels cornerback Bruce Johnson is one of the reasons for the improvement in the secondary. He has matured a lot and now respects that football CAN be taken away from him, which has helped him improve.
* Punter David Strimple's role on the team is using his ability to down a team inside the 20 yard line, as his coffin corner ability is better than Matt Bosher's who Shannon feels his ability is all in the hang time.

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