Randy Phillips Q&A

Following a move to safety two weeks ago, Randy Phillips took questions from the Media on Tuesday, read on to see what he has to say about the move, how it is going, the Texas A&M game, revisiting the 2006 Duke game, and playing with Willie Cooper.

On the move to safety:
I mean it has been great. I have prepared for it I know the whole defense. Whenever that situation came, I knew I'd be ready for it. When it came, I knew the whole defense, so I know I'd play early.

On the number of snaps:
I have played a lot. I played the same number of snaps the other safeties have played.

On not being ranked:
I mean, what people think of us, we don't really care. By the time we get to Florida State we should be 6-1, we'll be rolling, and that is what we've been focusing on, taking care of each week, whatever they rate us, they rate us, it doesn't really matter. Eventually they will.

On the importance of a win over Texas A&M:
A win like that will always boost our confidence to where it needs to be. No one thought we could do it at A&M, and we did.

On last years game versus Duke and it being a close game:
I mean, we had a lot of players out. I didn't play that game, but whatever. We are just going to go out there and execute. And whatever score it is, we'll take it. If it is close and we win, if it is a blowout, we'll take it.

On watching the team making big plays:
When we sit down, we are going over adjustments, what the coaches are showing us. But every once in a while you peak up and catch an exciting play by the player, it gets you up.

On Willie Cooper:
He was very valuable, and Coop stepped up and handled his business and did great for the team.

On the type of player Willie Cooper is:
He has always been mature. We've always looked to Coop as one of the mature plkayers and one of the players that works hard and gives everything he has. Right now he is going a wonderful job at safety with Kenny. When I moved to safety, it made everyone better because I was pushing them.

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