Chavez Grant Q&A

Chavez Grant has been playing the nickel back position for the Hurricanes this season. Read on to see what he's saying about Duke, Texas A&M, the team's offense, Coach Shannon's intensity level, and more...

On starting the ACC schedule:
We have been waiting on it now, now we are going to start our streak and win the ACC with our first conference game. We are going to prepare for it like it was any other game, but we know it is a little more important than any other game. But, we'll still play our best, play hard, prepare the same, we are going to go out there and win.

On potentially overlooking Duke:
It isn't that hard (to not overlook them) once we think about last year. They played us close and they are a good football team. They will play hard, they won't stop, they'll play four quarters. I mean, it isn't that hard to get overconfident we know they aren't a very potent team, but they will play hard and if we take them lightly like last year, they might have a chance to win the game.

On watching the offense:
Yeah, you know everyone likes to see us make big plays. We have the quarterback, the wide receivers and the running backs to do it, and the direct snap is something to use for the big play because that is what we like to do. It just is good to see something off the wall, something different than the same old traditional offense.

On the offense playing so well:
It gives us more confidence, it gets us fired up. We get excited to go out there and just dominate. We see them dominate but we feel like we need to make it a complete game we have to shut them down. They give us energy and we give them energy.

Of course, we do get more rest. Sometimes you don't want to rest. Sometimes you just want to get out there and get ready to go. As long as they are making progress toward the goal line and scoring touchdowns, that is fine by me.

On the win over Texas A&M:
Yes, I think so. I think a win versus any opponent is good for the team. Against TAMU, for them being ranked, we think we needed to come out and dominate them. Towards the end of the game we let up a little bit, so we need to work on finishing a game. Like I said, Duke will stay in it, so we have to finish.

On having Coach Shannon being so fired up:
It gives us more energy and more confidence, and play a little loose have a lot of fun. Seeing him have fun feels better.

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