Q&A with Jason Fox

Sophomore offensive lineman Jason Fox is one of the leaders of UM's offensive line this season. Read on to see what Fox is saying about a variety of things heading into tomorrow's Duke game...

On nearly losing to Duke last season:
Last year we were up by a couple touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and subconsciously think we let down a bit and they fought back until the last play.

On how to avoid a similar situation this time:
This year, Coach Shannon is stressing finishing all this week.

On starting conference play:
We are getting into ACC play and its exciting for everyone. Now we can only control from this point forward. IT is a new start, ACC play, we'd like to win the ACC and go from there, we are exciting for this and the upcoming week

On the Top 25 rankings:
Rankings don't matter in the beginning of the season or in the middle of the season. As long as we are ranked at the end of the season where we need to be going into the bowl game, getting credit is all we need.

On the play of Kyle Wright:
He played great, he did a lot of great things, he got the ball out quick, got the ball to a bunch of different receivers, moved around well. The biggest thing is that we were clicking. For him to be successful the receivers have to be and the OL needs to be productive. He really shines when everyone else is productive. If the receivers don't run their routes correctly, and if the line doesn't block well, if the running backs don't get the running game going things won't get going on the field. He had confidence in everyone else and everyone had confidence in him only good things can happen. He trusted the OL to get their blocks.

On the long opening drive:
That was good, it set the tone for the game. As far as offensive line, Couch Stoutland said, when you come off the field to the sideline, if you aren't gasping for air you didn't play your heart out. If you got seven points on the end of the drive, it doesn't matter how gassed you are. If you play on a long drive everyone is going to be tired.

On coming off the win against Texas A&M:
It is kind of a spark, what it is, we always know we had that it in us, now it is just showing. Now this sets the bar higher, everyone needs to come out and perform like we did on Thursday.

On Graig Cooper's direct snap touchdown:
Coop did a good job and everyone did a good job and everyone loves that formation. But if you didn't know Lance had a good block. If Lance didn't get that block, I don't know if he would have scored. Like I said earlier, it takes everyone to be successful.

On facing Duke:
From the offensive line standpoint, the strength of their team is the defensive line. So we will be ready to play.

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