Graig Cooper Q&A

Graig Cooper sat down for a few minutes with the media Tuesday and had some insight into the past few weeks including fumbles, the team's recent offensive success, and his appreciation of his fans.

"I've been running with Coach Shannon and Coach Mosley," Graig Cooper said, "and they asked me ‘Coop, did you take a dancing class?' I said ‘I didn't get it…why do you say that?' They just sat me down and told me that that I have to run more toward the sideline, because you weren't hitting the hole like you were during the Marshall game, every since then I've been trying to prove to the coaches that I do have a little pound-game.

"It came after the FIU game. Coach Shannon asked me, and Coach Mosely was sitting there laughing.

On the big power run for the 2 yard touchdown versus Duke in the fourth quarter:
Just like the Texas A&M game, I just went north-and-south.

On responding to his recent fumbles versus Duke:
I held on to the ball a little tighter. Coach Shannon didn't really talk to me. I admit talking to him at 1-2 in the morning, but he didn't say anything to me last week. My running back coach talked to me about it and told me about it. Just like in running back drills, just keep the ball high and tight.

On the offense's confidence:
We are learning from and about each other. The QB is doing a good job, he is getting the ball to the wide receivers, the running game is working. Coach Nix is just doing an all-around good job.

On what makes him a different runner now:
Getting off the snap and getting the ball. I don't do a lot of dancing, it is good to do a little dancing, but this isn't high school anymore where you can cut across the field and do all of that crazy stuff, you have to do what you can when you can.

On finishing the game:
We should have trust (the coaching staff) more than we did. They told us that they would play until the clock said zero, we should have listened to them. We should have went out there and beat them, but we needed to open our eyes and did what we did in the first quarter all game long. We have to trust our coaches better.

We knew Duke was a good team, we saw them on film and we knew they were a good team. I don't think there was anything more to it.

On splitting carries:
I am not worried about the starting job, I am going to let Coach deal with that – he is going to get everyone the ball, that is one thing I don't have to worry about. Coach Nix says he is going to get everyone the ball thrown to them and the running backs are going to get their carries.

On getting the ball in space via the pass:
Yes, that is what they are trying to do.

On the ‘COOOOOOOOOOP' chants during the game:
I makes me feel good. I love the fans, I appreciate the fans that support me like that. It is a blessing and I appreciate it a whole lot.

On North Carolina recruiting him:
I met Butch a little bit, but not much so I can't say. I sat down and talked to him a little bit. I wasn't considering them a lot.

Who is your room mate?:
Doug Wiggins. Javarris was my roommate during summer school.

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