Colin McCarthy Q&A

Colin McCarthy made his typical Tuesday appearance following the press conference. He sat down with the media and discussed Tavares Gooden, his recent tackling slump and more.

On his play versus Duke:
I don't think I played too well, to be honest with you. I had some missed tackles. As far as that kind of stuff goes. I am kind of disappointed.

But this week, I'm going to be wrapping up, using my feet, spending time watching film, so when it comes time for North Carolina, it doesn't happen again.

What the coaching staff is asking from him to improve:
They are asking me to do the same stuff I just said, as far reading my keys and making plays. I am in the right spot, I've just not been able to bring him down.

Today in practice, I'm just going to work on myself, wrapping up and driving them back. If I do that, I won't have any problems.

On his play on special teams:
I am trying to contribute as far as special teams, just as much as on defense. I think it is important.

As for last year, it is all I did last year. I am trying to get back on punt blocks and even on punts trying to get back there and try to make plays.

On the issue with tackling versus Duke:
We are just focusing this week on tackling and driving our feet. We've been trying to make too many arm tackles and not wrapping up. When you don't run your feet and you start tackling with your arms you are going to miss tackles.

So that is what I am going to work on a lot this week so I can bring my missed tackles down to none.

On the first ACC road game:
This is our first ACC road game. We have won at home and now we are trying to win away. It is goign to be difficult as far as traveling. We are going to go into North Carolina and try to get a win.

On not allowing a mid-game lull like what happened in the 3rd quarter against Duke:
We need to feed off each other. WE are just trying to continue to motivate each other to get better. We nee to go back and play and attempt to be excited on the field and encourage one another on defense and make sure we play 60 minutes when we get there.

On Tavares Gooden:
I think he is built to play middle or outside. As far as playing outside, he is real fast, so that is more projected at. But, for the inside he is real physical, he takes on good blocks and makes tackles.

On Gooden accepting the role of middle linebacker:
That has been big for us, stepping up and making plays. It is up to our defense, and the linebackers are helping out a lot. With them doing that, everyone else is just getting better and it is helping out a lot.

He has spent a lot of time watching film and making sure he knows his assignment. When you do that, you are able to make plays that you sometimes shouldn't and he has really done a good job making tackles.

He is real upbeat, the personality he has is real vocal and jumping around. Always trying to motivate us to make plays. That is his thing, just make plays. He did a great job.

Yeah, he is a senior and he takes that leadership as far as every game at the O.B. (Orange Bowl) being our last year, and that no matter what, we won't leave here with a loss.

He gives us encouragement, he is a great player.

Physically and mentally, after learning a new position he is doing a great job.

On Calais Campbell when he isn't in on a play:
He is great, he is real energetic. He gets the defense going, he gets the team going, he is real vocal. He is a great teammate.

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