Spencer Adkins Q&A

Junior starting linebacker Spencer Adkins took some time after practice to speak about a variety of subjects, including how he feels after starting five games, defensive adjustments, dropping back into pass coverage, and more. Read on for the scoop.

On practice Tuesday:

It was kind of rough, it was like a typical first day, but we just practiced hard. I guess we just made a couple mistakes. I guess we got a couple plays in that we haven't run in a while, so we had to reflect on our memory today.

On staying after practice:

I always need extra help, so I just went out there and hit the dummy for a while and practiced on running my feet.

On the hardest transition from practice to games:

I would just say the atmosphere, really. Sometimes the calls come in and you really have to be on your P's and Q's. In practice, coach can yell it in from the sideline and you can hear him, but in the games, you can't do that. You have to rely on yourself and the people around you and trust that the calls are right.

It's a lot of hand signals and a lot of eye contact.

On how difficult it is to adjust to changes at the line:

It's hard if you don't know your stuff, but we practice all week, we watch a lot of film, and we get a lot of mental reps, so in the game it's not really that hard. We already know the adjustments and we react to them quick and just play ball.

On coming out during nickel packages:

I'm sure everyone wants to stay in the game at all times, that's nothing new. Just me or anybody, everybody wants to be in the game at all times. I'm the guy that comes out when they bring in an extra receiver. Chavez Grant comes in.

On what he can improve:

I say everything, no one is ever perfect in everything, so every day you come to work and you try to pick up on something that you didn't do and get better at it.

On getting beat for long pass plays against Duke and FIU:

Duke had never run that play during our film study, so I really wasn't ready for it. The FIU one, I just got caught looking at the quarterback when I should have kept my eyes (on the receiver).

On whether he lets it get to him and how he can eliminate those deep completions:

I forget about it. Sometimes the coaches don't forget about it, but I try to forget about it as much as I can.

It's (done) just mostly out here, focusing on knowing what you got and keeping your eyes on your man.

On North Carolina

They like a lot of bootlegs, they have a lot that they do. We just have to be on our P's and Q's.

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