Derrick Morse Q&A

Derrick Morse had a very brief Q&A with the media to discuss the recent rash of holding penalties that plagued the offensive line against Duke as well as what they need to do in preparation for their first ACC road game. Read on to find out what he said...

On the holding penalties:
It is us doing it to ourselves. We had a lot of penalties this week. Coach got on us about it...and some of them were the very best calls either, but they were thrown and they called them on us, so they count. So, we are going to make sure that we always focus on that. It is something we are going to watch a lot this week.

What do they expect for punishment when they have a game like the did versus Duke:
We will run after practice. I know that they will be extra hard (on us) at practice if they see us holding. We have refs out there everyday, watching and calling on us and stuff. As soon as we start doing that in practice, if Coach Shannon gets real made and Coach Stoutland gets real mad. It is all about holding yourself accountable for the team.

What is the worst punishment they could possible on Tuesday for the holding penalties:
Of course it is running.

On their second road game and ACC road opener:
This is only our second road game of the year. We didn't have a real good first one at Oklahoma, so we really have to focus when we get up there. Especially because the last time we were up there too, we found out what they are capable of because they have very good athletes, so need to make sure we are on our A-game, make sure we don't have all of those penalties like we did against Duke. Otherwise, we'll be in a fist fight.

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