Kayne's Road to the Miami Hurricanes

Kayne Farquharson's road to become a Miami Hurricane can be considered less traveled. Read on to hear about his journey from Homestead to El Camino and back again.

Realizing your dreams may be the most gratifying feeling life can offer – especially when it brings you home again.

Kayne Farquharson took the road least traveled to achieve his life long dream – to play for the Miami Hurricanes.

In most cases, high school football playing experience is a prerequisite for entering the college football gridiron, especially at the major conference level, such as the Atlantic Coast Conference. However, despite never playing a single down at that level, Farquharson was still able to make his childhood ambition come to fruition.

"(I didn't play) a down, I didn't even put on a chin strap," Farquharson said of his high school football career. "However, good (things) happen for some reason and it happened to me."

Was it was destiny for Kayne – pronounced ‘CANE' – to be a Miami Hurricane? His first name would make you believe so.

"My grandmother named me Kayne," he said. "I always think about why, as I've never had a chance to talk to my grandmother. She is deceased at this time."

But who is Kayne Farquharson?

"I'm just Kayne, just your regular joe schmoe, average, hard working, blue collar guy."

His story and journey, though, is far from "regular."

Farquharson, a native of Homestead, Florida needed to grow up fast in order to take care of his younger sisters for his mother who worked to support the household. Football, his passion, had to take a back burner to supporting his family.

"I had to be a man and had to take responsibility when it came," Farquharson said. "It was high school, then babysit, then clean up the house, and my mom would come home when everyone went to sleep. Then, it was like déjà vu all over again the next day, Monday through Friday."

That didn't stop him from chasing his goal. Because he always knew he would make it. Despite never being able to showcase his athleticism on the field during high school, he never refrained from believing that one day he would wear the orange and green.

"I pictured all of this happening before it happened," Farquharson said. "Every time I talk it up, it starts happening. I've been doing it since day one, before I went to junior college. I told everybody that I am going to be a Hurricane, and it happened."

Not everyone would believe him.

"I told a lot of people and they thought I was joking," he said. "(I) got a lot of laughs, but I am a confident guy. Then when it happened, it was like they start saying ‘he did tell us three or four years ago that he was going to be a Hurricane'."

However, it wouldn't be until he was discovered at a church football camp where his career would begin.

"A friend of mine introduced me to the guy who runs the SCA Camp down in Homestead," Farquharson said. "He had me participate in one-on-one drills and asked if I was interested in playing in junior college. I saved up a few dollars for a plane ticket and the rest is history."

He would have to travel over 3000 miles, to El Camino, California for a chance to showcase himself, all for a chance to play. During his freshman season he would earn All-Conference honors after catching 23 passes for more than 500 yards with six touchdowns.

It would be following that season he would pursue the Hurricanes coaching staff.

"I just came, I didn't even know if I could come to practice or not, I just came," Kayne said. "They usually have someone who stops everyone before they come in, and I said I was from the SCA and gave him a little run around story."

Once he got in, he approached the staff and gave them his game tape.

"It was crazy. I came here for a practice and I brought my (game) tape with me," Kayne said. "(The coaching staff) looked at the film and told me I could play here. He got through 2-3 plays into the tape and said I was a (good) player."

It wouldn't be long until he was offered.

"The next time I came during break (for college) I was in (former head) coach (Larry) Coker's office with Coach (Joe) Pannuzzio and he brought out the letter and I cried - not like boo-hoo crying, it was a man-cry" Kayne said. "They offered me a scholarship and I committed on the spot."

Farquharson was the epitome of a super fan of the Hurricanes. He would collect memorabilia, attend games, and live vicariously through child hood friend and standout Miami Hurricanes cornerback Antrel Rolle.

"Fan isn't the word. I was a Hurricane growing up," Farquharson said. "I grew up with Antrel, any time he came home I was telling him to bring me some memorabilia, anything - gloves, pictures anything – it was my whole life."

Now, he has the ability to live his dream.

This past Saturday in a 24-14 win over Duke, Farquharson scored the first, of what he hopes to be many more touchdowns for the ‘Canes in spectacular fashion. In his first start of his Hurricane career he leapt toward the back of the end zone on a post route and hauled it in for the first Miami touchdown of the day.

"I've caught that ball like three times at practice, from three different angles," Farquharson said." They were all high balls. I just went up with my hands and caught it like every other pass."

Maybe is it destiny.

"Lot of people say it is my destiny to be a 'Cane, because my name is Kayne. It is a wonderful name, it is kind of catchy. A lot of people don't believe it at first."

They will now.

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