Shannon Talks About UNC Game

Read on to find out what head coach Randy Shannon was talking about the morning after the North Carolina game...

10/7 Randy Shannon day-after Press Conference - Part 1

...After yesterday's game and evaluating film we didn't come out and play the first half at all.

I don't know what the problem (was) it is almost like you have to de-program these guys to get out what they had in their minds last year what they had about this football team.

In the second half of the game, we ran the exact same plays offensively and defensively and they executed. We had a bunch of three and outs on defense in the second half.

Turnovers offensively we had big plays left and right, and they gave us an opportunity to win the game but you can not put yourself in a hole 27 points down to a sold out stadium and try to get yourself back in it.

We had our opportunity, we had four turnovers. The four turnovers really killed us and it just isn't the four turnovers, but if you go back and see the missed field goal, the blocked punt, the missed extra point, those are points that are unseen and hidden but it is not good.

Defensively we didn't do anything in the first half and in the second half we came out and bared down, totally different team on defense also.

One good thing about the entire situation is that we had a chance, after being 27 points down, is that this team showed character and coming back and trying to fight and trying to win the game. I will tell them that, I'll tell everyone that, they showed character in doing that. I don't think we would have done that the year before or years before that, I think we would have just shut it down.

Assessing Kyle Wright's performance:

Kyle is still the quarterback.

It was ok, average. It wasn't acceptable. If you throw turnovers in the red zone, we practice that all of the time in the red zone and if it isn't open, throw it out of the end zone. We'll just lineup and play again. He threw the ball low instead of aiming high, it is the same play we ran against Texas A&M, back of the end zone, don't throw it low, throw it high, and he threw it low. Interceptions happen when you throw the ball low in the red zone. They dropped seven guys back deep and he had opportunities to get rid of it or run it and he tried to force it in there.

On the roughing the passer penalty by Calais Campbell:

I don't want to comment on it because I'll probably get fined, but officials make their calls and you have to live with them.

The quarterback didn't even budge, let me put it this way. If you get hit in the back, at least you'll fall or take two or three steps forward. He didn't even move, he just stood there.

It is, what it is. We've been getting those calls because we've been getting a lot of pressure on the cornerbacks. For whatever reason we are getting the roughing the passer penalties and I just don't see them like everyone else does.

Those are judgment calls by the officials and you have to respect the officials, I just don't see it like that.

On UNC's ability to keep Calais out of the game:

We have to be more aggressive. I think the defensive line did a good job of getting a lot of tackles for loss.

At linebacker we are kind of banged up. We had to move a lot of guys around, they weren't being aggressive at linebacker at all, yesterday, and that is one thing.

Calais had them taking everything sideways and the linebackers need to come down and be more aggressive and make the play and they weren't being aggressive. We have to work on that this week.

On his frustrations with the team:

The amazing thing about this team is that you always have to fix something instead of moving forward and getting better. You have to revert back, and it comes down to they don't trust that they are good players and they don't trust the coaching staff right now. To de-program them, because there is so many things that went on in the past that they can't get it out of their minds. I don't know why. We are playing better but we have to understand on how to trust what we are doing. It is tough right now. But as the coach and the coaching staff we feel like we can get it done. You just need to find 11 guys on offense, defense, and special teams who are going to do it for us, we'll find those 11, and we will win games with those guys.

It isn't a threat, but like in business...find the people who are going to be with you the whole time and will believe in what your system is and in any form or fashion in sports, business, athletics, fashion, if they believe, it'll work.

We have guys who believe in it it'll work, and then we'll be fine. We have guys who are doing it but we need 11 instead of maybe 9.

On the vertical game:

No, we throw a lot of calls in the vertical game. We just didn't throw them. I don't know the reason, but maybe Kyle felt like it wasn't there. But we threw a lot of vertical plays out of four receivers and standard run plays, because that is where you get your big vertical play from. We come off the goal line and we put one receiver in the game, he had no read, he threw it, we came back and we threw it again and got a touchdown.

We are trying to limit the things he has to do, but he is doing a good job for us but he just has to be more consistent.

I think what happen, at least in my opinion Kyle got caught up in the emotion of the game. And reverted back to trying to win the game instead of what he does best. We dink the ball to Javarris and Cooper yesterday on 3rd and 10, and 3rd and 8 and if we hit them, it's a first down, but he is reverting back to his old way of ‘I have to make the play' but he doesn't need to make the big play. He just has to be himself. Dinking it to the tight ends, doing this and doing that instead of always going deep.

On the team's trust of their coaching staff:

It is just, you can't go into the first half and play the way you do and come back in the second half and play that way when we called the same EXACT same plays, I am talking verbatim, and have that much success, there is no way.

The players have to look at it as, it ain't the play calling because if it goes the first half and the second half, there is a problem.

If you don't change anything in your game plan, and the second half is the way it is, it has to be the players. I am not saying all of the players, but guys need to step up.

We have a new staff and you know anything new everyone is a little hesitant everyone is hesitant on something new, they have to accept it and come on board because we have something special that could really happen.

We've got a team that went into Oklahoma and got beat bad, we learned from it. We played FIU, we played Texas A&M, and came back and played Duke and started off fast, and the at the end of the game a light came on. We play North Carolina, 27 points down and we have a shot to win it at the end of the game. It shows a lot of character in this team, but they have to show and be consistent and they have to believe and we need to take that next step as a team.

What can he do as a head coach to work on the team's trust:

Only thing you can do is show them and show them how good they are and keep stressing it. Because the more you say it, the more they will start to believe it. If you don't keep saying it, they will just keep going through the motions because of it. But we have to keep saying it, keep preaching it. We've had our run game be phenomenal, the passing game is fine, jut too many turnovers that put us in a hole.

Stats is stats, and I don't get involved with stats but it is frustrating because we should have done it from the beginning and we didn't.

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