Shannon Addresses Team

Coach Shannon took time after Tuesday's practice to give a very energetic and heartfelt speech to his team regarding effort in practice and on game day. Read on to see what he had to say about his address.

On Tuesday, the media got to see a different side of Randy Shannon. Shannon, usually fairly reserved and difficult to read, gave a heartfelt and animated address to his team after practice which lasted about two minutes. From the position the media was at, only a small amount of it was audible despite Shannon sounding very emotional and loud, but the gist was it was unacceptable to lose at the University of Miami and that players had to play hard "from the first play to the last play." He also pointed at senior guard Derrick Morse and yelled "that's a real Hurricane!" After his rant, the team continued to run sprints. Shannon stood for a moment, watched, and then walked over the reporters the same way he always does and spoke about how practice went.

"It was a hot day, guys flew around, guys had fun today," Shannon said. "We started fast. We had to get some things going, get their blood going, and we're going to try every day to get these guys motivated to start fast from the beginning of practice until the end. Whatever it takes to do what we have to do, we'll get done."

Shannon was inevitably asked about what he said. He shrugged it off as trivial, but when pressed further about what he said about Morse, he clarified further.

"He'll lay it on the line for everybody, not matter what it is," Shannon said about Morse. "If he's hurt, broken leg, broken arm, concussion…he's going to line up and play. That's Hurricane football, bottom line. He can come out first play, second rep, stretch, whatever it is, D-Mo is going to come out full speed. He didn't miss one rep, one practice, no nothing. He laid it on the line, and that's how we have to win. We have to find guys like that who are going to get it done."

Morse was sick during practice but participated anyway, not missing a single rep despite still feeling the symptoms.

Shannon would not clarify on whether or not he thought other players might have taken the day off given the same circumstance, but he referred to something he said during Sunday's press conference when he expressed his disappointment in the team's performance against North Carolina by stating that the team didn't 'trust' the coaches fully yet. On Sunday, he said the players did not completely ‘trust' the coaching staff and what they were trying to teach. He amended his statement slightly.

"I found out what the word is. It's not trust. The word is ‘believe,' Shannon said. "They have to believe us and do what they have to get done to win. That's what the word is, it's not ‘trust', it's ‘believe'. I thought about it all day today."

"[You have to] believe in everything about Miami. The coaches and what we say, if we say to start out fast, then start fast. If we need to protect the football, then protect the football. Don't just say ‘ok, we're going to go through the motions.' We're not going to accept that at all."

"We just have to keep drilling them and getting behind them and hopefully it'll sink in like a sponge."

It remains to be seen whether or not the team will respond to what Shannon has been preaching, but he was very emphatic about saying that it wasn't the first time he does something like that. Shannon maintained that the staff is constantly reminding the team about what they have to do to win games. No one has an answer as to why it hasn't sunk in yet, but it is still a very young season and while the ‘Canes won't be reaching a BCS National Championship games this season, they still have a lot to play for, including a BCS bowl berth and an ACC title. Hopefully the message gets through.

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