Gailey, Shannon Talk About Game

Miami's Randy Shannon and Georgia Tech's Chan Gailey talked about each other's teams and about the game coming up on Saturday. Read on to see what they were talking about...

Chan Gailey on the game:
We've got a tough game going into Miami this week. It's gonna be the fastest team we've played overall to this point. They've got great team speed, they play aggressively. It's gonna be a challenge for us to go play in the Orange Bowl. I'm sure they're excited to be playing at home.

On Patrick Nix coaching against his old team:
I think it's a 50/50 proposition. He knows what we like to do defensively. He knows some of the things we've done in the past offensively. But we know what he likes and what his thought processes are. It's kind of a wash.

On Nix leaving after last season:
Well, I wasn't surprised that he left. I guess I was susprised how fast it happened and things like that. I was more surprised by the process, more than the result.

On his successful kicking game:
Well, I think Charles Kelly, our special teams coach, has done an outstanding job preparing those guys day in and day out. He's done an excellent job of learning about the kicking process and getting those guys proper work and preparation they need. We try to put them in positions to be successful. You try to make sure your protection and coverage is good so you can use your punter as a weapon. You gotta make sure field goal protection is good so the kicker has confidence to step up and hit the ball. I've never had a combination like this in my career. It's been great to have two guys playing so well this year.

On having two conference losses already:
You approach every game one at a time. You got that goal of trying to win the conference championship. Every team had it starting the season. They know Florida State won their division two years ago with a 5-3 record. They know it can happen. At the same time, it's a longshot. Odds are very much against (us). You try to win the next one and turn it around at the end of the season. These are 18-22 year old kids. Their mind wanders sometimes. That's the challenge as a coach.

On Teshard Choice's injury status:
Each player knows his own body best of all. He tells us he's good to go. Is he 100-percent? I don't know if he is or not. He lied to me the first week to play. He says he's gonna be good to go. I have to trust his judgement to know how much to play him. He's been a good judge of that so far.

On winning two in a row against Miami:
Two years ago we went and surprised them somewhat. We were playing above average football. They were ranked third in the country. We went in and played as good as we could. We execited well, especially defensively. We won against a lot of odds. Last year, they weren't sure about the quarterback position and a couple things. We were able to come back and win the ball game with a solid performance by everybody on our football team.

On how he's gotten 13 sacks in the last two games against Miami:
If I tell you, you'll write it in the paper and everyone will know (laugh). I really believe we're able to keep people off balance because we bring so many people from different spots. You'll see a strong safety come from the strong side, the middle, and the weakside sometimes. We'll have a linebacker come from the middle, outside. Quarterbacks hold it for a half second more sometimes and a half secons is all you need. The key is being able to cover them if you bring that many. That's the challenge for us right now.

Randy Shannon on Georgia Tech:
This week Georgia Tech is gonna be tough for us. They play sound defense. Coach Gailey, offensive scheme wise, will give you fits. If you're not concentrating, they're very good, very explosive. They wanna run the ball and defensively, they wanna blitz you and get you in third and long situations. They key is the punter in this game. The punter for them is very good. Our punter has to do a great job this week to give us field position.

On GT defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta:
He'll do a lot of three-deep blitzes. They try not to give up the big play. He'll blitz the strong, free safety, maybe one of the linebackers. It's always gonna be a three-deep concept. We gotta establish the run game. If we can run the football and get them out of those situations, it'll be a great time for us. It'll be difficult to keep zone blitzing if we can run the football. That's his thing, he wants to get you in second and third and long and take advantage of us. First down is very big this week.

On preparing for a Patrick Nix-less Georgia Tech offense:
It's a totally different offense from last year. Coach Gailey, from when I knew him with the Dolphins, he'll never run the same offense twice. One week against New England we'd run one offense and the next time we'd run a different one.

On preparing for Tech's blitzes:
(Tenuta) is not gonna do the same things over and over. There will be something new we haven't seen. The thing I learned in the NFL is you don't try to scheme everything. You just have to let your players play and make sure they adjust on offense to what they're trying to do. That's all you can do.

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