Andrew Bain Q&A

Senior Andrew Bain spoke on Tuesday about the recent happenings on the ‘Canes. Read on to find out what he had to say.

On what the teams recent struggles:
I mean it isn't just one thing you can point at. It is a conglomeration of things from individual standpoint to team standpoint. You have to take the coaching and you have to believe in the coaching and you need to have faith in your team mates and you need to go out there and execute the things the coaches ask you to do. So there isn't particularly one thing you can look at and point at and say ‘that is the reason why' because if that was the case, there wouldn't be a problem right now.

It is a growing process for the team, it is a continuous process for the team, and that is one thing we have to work on in having faith and going out there and doing what the coaches tell us to do.

On how expectations have been soured:
Of course that isn't what you hope for, but it is one of those things with any team during the season they'd have to overcome. It isn't going to be that one thing. You aren't going to have a perfect season even if you are undefeated, you will have issues you are going to have to work with, you still have to go out and practice each day and try to get better, because if you don't on Saturday, you are going to get beat.

On the erratic performances:
I think we are growing. Each day we are growing, each week we are growing. We've improved in different areas each week. It just hasn't been that complete game on offense, defense and special teams. Even the Texas A&M game, which everyone was making a big deal about we had many opportunities we could have capitalized on and we didn't. We need to get better each week and that is our goal at each practice.

On trusting the coaches:
It is something personal. You have to have faith. It comes to accepting the coaching that you need and going then going back to execute on the field. It is something you take personal responsibility of doing and going out and execute it.

On Georgia Tech's blitzes:
With any defensive coordinator you face that wants to blitz and wants to get in the face of the quarterback and cause a lot of havoc in the backfield, you have to shut it down early and impose your will the defense so you can be successful in a game like this.

On the first series blunders v. North Carolina:
It is just something that happens. I am not doubting the effort of our team or the energy put forth each game, that was jut a situation that kind of just happened, I am not sure why, but it happened. I think it was one of those things that happens.

I am not sure so much. I didn't go into the tank. It's like, what haven't we been through? For our offense we have to keep those young guys alive they have to understand that the game just isn't one play or one series. You are competing and playing. We did come back in the second half compete and almost came out with thee victory.

Who are the team's vocal leaders?
We have a lot of vocal guys on offense and defense. Myself, Calais, the seniors upfront, Kyle and Kirby, Newt. Everyone was getting involved and telling everyone we have to have faith and we have to believe and we have to come out and play the way we need to play to come out and win. It wasn't just one person last game, it was a team effort.

How much more did this loss mean considering UNC has played well in recent years versus UM:
It is a game, we have to win the ACC game. It is what we are playing this week. It doesn't matter what they did last year or the year before, we just have to win. It isn't about what happened in the past, because if you do, you'll be blindsided with what's in front of you. You have to look forward.

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