Wright Looks to Help Right The Ship

Kyle Wright is coming off a four interception performance in a 33-27 loss to North Carolina. Read on to find out what Kyle Wright is talking about just a day before the Georgia Tech game...

It is a loss he won't soon forget, but this Saturday versus Georgia Tech (3-3) he will face one of the more aggressive defenses he'll see all season.

Coupled with the ‘Canes recent in-house issues, Kyle Wright knows they need to overcome a lot to pull off a win versus the Yellow Jackets.

"What happened last weekend, no excuses, we watched film, came back, pissed off, frustrated, and disappointed with the game," Wright said. "I was thinking about (the loss) this weekend, and it comes down to this; after a game on Saturday you have one day to celebrate a win or beat yourself up over a loss and move on."

As a quarterback, it is essential for Wright to put the Tar Heels loss behind him.

"You just have to have amnesia, just come out and keep throwing."

However, the hurdle Wright and the team will have to overcome is more then a stout defense and recent in-game mistakes. The team has recently been burdened with what Head Coach Randy Shannon calls "a lack of belief in what the team is doing" which has crossed over to lax performances on the field during game day and in practice.

"The way we've been practicing and playing has been unacceptable. I know he is tired of it, I know a lot of guys are tired of it," Wright said. "It is time to turn a new page and Coach Shannon is not going to stand for it."

Wright knows that it may not be that easy to overcome such a team oriented issue.

"I am not sure if there is a remedy, the only way Coach Shannon knows how to do it is to come out here and push us and make us practice at another level. Guys got caught loafing today and started practice with sprints. That is how Coach Shannon knows how to do it so that is how we'll go about it."

But, on Saturday, standing in their way in righting the ship is a Yellow Jacket team who ranks first in the ACC in defense.

"I am going to try and make some good looks and I feel like we have a good game plan," Wright said. "We are going to look for a good performance. And we hope to win this game."

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