Allen Bailey To See Time Vs. GT

True Freshman Allen Bailey is expected to have a more significant role on defense this week and should receive the most playing time he has had all season. Read on to see what he has to say.

The Miami Hurricanes have already surpassed the number of freshman that received playing time last year (ten), this season (11). Of those players this year, Allen Bailey has only seen three snaps, however, because of recent injuries to linebacker Colin McCarthy and Romeo Davis, it will be his time to shine.

"I just have to step up and play," Bailey said. "We have people that play every position, but I got to step up."

The coaching staff has made it a priority to not move freshman around from position to position, especially with Bailey. The 6-foot-4, 270 pound middle linebacker, prior to joining the Hurricanes was considered by some schools to be more of a defensive line prospect. However, the Hurricanes have made it a point to keep Bailey at linebacker until he learns the position, something that Bailey thinks is the best for him.

"It has been easy because all I have to do is learn one position. It is easy on me," Bailey said.

Bailey believes that his assignments when playing in the middle should be rather simple come game day.

"(Just play) down here in the middle doing my job and play my gap."

Playing mostly a role on special teams most of the season, Bailey has only played three snaps on defense all season. Playing on the defensive side of the ball will be mostly a change in the speed of the game, an issue that Bailey has been aware of, but feels he is ready.

"Speed comes to you when the ball is snapped. You just need to react."

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