Javarris James Talks About Running Game

Sophomore halfback Javarris James speaks about his style of running the football, Graig Cooper's impact, the success of the running game in recent weeks, Georgia Tech's defense, and more.

How do you work on doing what Shannon has been preaching lately (executing for four quarters and believing in the coaches/eachother?)

I think the way we work on it is by watching film. The coaches tell us things and then once we watch film and look at those things, everything they tell us is correct. They are giving us keys and telling us to step one way, and when you do it alone, you can mess up, but when you follow the coaching, you realize that it makes things a lot easier.

One thing we can do is just learn from our mistakes. We came out sluggish, that's what they are preaching at our practices. It's why it's ten times harder than what it used to be.

Georgia Tech hasn't been easy on you. What do you see in them?

No they haven't. They have a great defense. They run blitzes from all over the field. They have a great defensive coordinator and possibly one of the best linebackers in the nation. Just another chance to play them, you know last year being a freshman all those blitzes and stuff kind of confused me. Now I have experience against those guys so it's going to be a little easier.

How does the rotation between you and Graig Cooper work?

I go in for the first two series, and then we'll switch every series after that.

They just want me to go out there and run hard.

How would you describe yourself as a runningback?

I think I'm kind of a power back, you know, who can cut. I have decent speed. I realize that defenses have been noticing my ability so I've been banging it in there and then Graig Cooper will come in and give them a different style, so I'm just playing my role right now.

Have defenses began keying in on the fact that Cooper is regarded as the ‘speed' guy and you generally run between the tackles?

When I'm in the game I'm mostly known for running between the tackles so they kind of stack the box, but you know Graig Cooper will come in and run between the tackles too. You know he's got excellent speed to get to the corner and I think we complement each other very well.

Do you feel like you get better as the game wears on, and if so, do you feel that the lack of carries hurts your performance in that regard?

I feel like as the game goes on, I get towards being a better back, but like I said, Graig Cooper is an excellent athlete, and you don't put an athlete like that on the bench. I understand our roles. Both of us have to do everything we can with the amount of carries we get and do what is best for the team. Every game we come in and we are always running the ball well. Sometimes I have good game, sometimes he has a good game, and sometimes we both have a good game. It's just part of being here. This is the University of Miami, it's just part of the game.

The running game has been somewhat ‘hit or miss' lately, and we saw that against North Carolina. What are some of the things you guys can do to remedy that?

One thing we try to do is not get frustrated. We try to be patient and stuff. You get kind of angry a little bit because they just stacked the box and in the first half they just wanted it more than us. We came back the second half and we ran the same plays, but we just executed. We wanted it. But if we start off slow like that, the results are always going to be like that.

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