Players Talk After GT Game

Read on to see what several of the players were talking about after Saturday's loss to Georgia Tech...

Senior quarterback Kyle Wright
"We are tired of losing. As a team we are disappointed and frustrated but you have to get yourself back up. We have to find a way to win. Our coaches and players will not accept losing."

"The effort was not an issue. Coach said that it would come down to execution and that didn't happen today. We started quick and finished strong, but unfortunately it didn't result in a win."

Junior defensive end Eric Moncur
"It is a tough loss, but we can't afford to sit around. We have to play better and get ready for Florida State. I hate losing... everyone on the team hates losing."

Senior offensive lineman John Rochford
On rebounding from the loss..
. "We have to change our attitude. We have to step up. Instead of finger-pointing, everyone has to take a look at what they are doing as individuals and figure out how to step up."

On Georgia Tech's defensive adjustments...
"They made a few adjustments, but I don't think it was anything we weren't ready for. We stuck to our game plan. It worked for a while, but we just have to come through at the end."

Senior offensive lineman Derrick Morse
On the team effort...
"Effort isn't the problem - we've got everyone playing hard. We just aren't executing. The plays were there. Our coaches did a great job preparing us for this game - we had a great game plan. We just didn't execute and that was the difference."

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