Injury Update; JJ's Struggles, and More

Read on for the latest injury report, how the young running backs have been doing, to see how Kyle Wright performed Saturday in the eyes of the coaches, and much more...

Head Coach Randy Shannon...

On Kyle Wright's play:
He did a good job but I'd like throws to be made. The deep balls we had, he had time to get it there. He made them against North Carolina so lets come back and do it again. I think Sam (Shields) reach out with one hand, not two. (on one of them). You can't blame it all on the quarterbacks.

On facing Jon Tenuta's blitz packages:
We knew Tenuta was gonna do a lot of blitzing. When Kirby came in (and threw) that was a (potential) big play for us. That was our one shot. We knew that was one we had. If he makes it, it's a different game.

On Shawnbrey McNeal:
He did a good job for us. I don't think of it this way but someone came up to me and said, 'Coach, do you realize that you have a true sophomore and two true freshmen at tailback, a true freshman rotating in at guard, a true sophomore at tackle with Jason Fox'. I think of them as players. We should be better because I see the potential in them.

On Javarris James' recent struggles:
He's playing well. He's doing good things for us. Doing pass protection well. The running game, things aren't there for him. It goes in cycles with those guys. At the time who's doing well, you go with (him). When Shawnbrey scored his touchdown, Javarris was the first guy down there celebrating. Cooper was next. Those guys at running back aren't selfesh. They're not thinking about stats, they're thinking about (team) success. They're about winning games.

On McCarthy's replacement, Darryl Sharpton:
Darryl played hit butt of. On some of the run plays, it was his first week back playing a new position, he didn't do everything the right way. When (that happened), those were big plays in the run game.

On the play of Calais Campbell:
He ain't playing up to his potential. He's not coming up with big plays like last year, probably because he's playing full-time now. Last year, Calais only played 30 times a game. He was always fresh. Now the (depth) is down. Courtney (Harris) is supposed to spell him but he's playing some tackle now. Instead of playing 30, 35 a game, (Calais) is now playing 60. He's still giving full effort. When you don't have (depth), it can always take away with what you're doing defensively.

On finding players at defensive tackle:
We'll find somebody. You got 11 guys to put on the field. We'll find somebody to play.

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