10/16 Injury Update

The Hurricanes are a banged up football team right now. Read on to get the latest injury report on players who are out or may be out and when they're expected to return...

Randy Shannon addressed the injury situation surrounding his football team today.

* Lance Leggett isn't listed on the depth chart this week. Shannon had a one word response for that -- "injured".

* Injuries at defensive tackle -- "Dwayne Hendricks is out and probably done for the season. Antonio Dixon is out a minimum of six weeks, may be done for the season. We won't know till today (on Josh Holmes). We got bodies that come to Miami to play and we gotta get them playing. The coaching staff will coach them hard. We're with limited numbers but if you coach a guy like he's a number one draft pick, he may go produce like a number one draft pick. If you coach him like a free agent, he'll play just like another guy."

* Robert Marve -- "He's been on the scout team. We don't let him snap the football. He holds it in his hands and he runs the offense that way. We snap a towell in practice (for him). He's not gonna play this year so we can't take those chances."

* Jermaine McKenzie -- "He'll run with the scout team but he won't play in a game. He'll be done for the season also."

* Status of Charlie Jones, Romeo Davis, and Glenn Cook -- "Don't expect Charlie Jones back for the rest of the season or Cook. Romeo is done also. I don't know about (their) careers. They can't practice. They're doing rehab right now. Some guys will be redshirted, some guys won't. That's up to the NCAA to do those."

* Colin McCarthy, who was cleared to play last Friday, will play Saturday.

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