Southern Star Shines At IS8 In Fall League

A look at the individual game of an ACC recruit who played in the IS8 Fall League ...



WEIGHT: 210 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL; Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia

POSITIONS: Small Forward/Power Forward

CLASS: 2008, A current senior

AAU TEAMS: World Wide Renegades, New York Panthers (IS8 Fall League in South Jamaica, New York)

COLLEGE INTERESTS: Committed to Miami of Florida

STRENGTHS IN JONES' INDIVIDUAL GAME: DeQuan is a big, physical player who has the ability to dribble drive past his defender and score.

AREA TO IMPROVE IN DEQUAN'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: The perimeter game needs to be more consistent for Jones to keep his defenders honest.

EVALUATION: Jones spent a few weekend up in the New York area to compete in the highly regarded IS8 Fall League. He was impressive. And the competition he faced was terrific too.

He should be an impact player for Miami in the ACC due to his ability to score around the basket. As his perimeter game progresses, it should allow him to keep defenders off of him in the perimeter area.

According to Jones, Coach Frank Haith of Miami has talked about making Jones a a possible small forward. This would allow Haith to take advantage of Jones' size and strength and create some mismatches for his team.

Jones is also a solid defender and works hard at both ends of the court.

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