Would be wise to run the ball

Chris Rix won't be able to test the Hurricanes secondary. Greg Jones won't be able to pound the leather through the orange and green jerseys. Bobby Bowden won't have too many opportunities to work his trickery. Xavier Beitia won't even get a shot to go wide right.

And the Florida State Seminoles won't stand a chance to unseat the baddest and most efficient college football team in the planet if the University of Miami Hurricanes follow some simple instructions that take all of six words.


Alright, maybe that was 12 words. But the point is plain and simple. If the Hurricanes put the ball in McGahee's hands there will be little that a soft Seminoles defense will be able to do, unless its picking each other up off the Orange Bowl grass. I know, I know.

The Hurricanes have a Heisman Trophy candidate behind center who is 31-1 as a starting quarterback and will definitely be looking for his shots against a not-so-imposing Florida State secondary. And Andre Johnson, Kevin Beard and Roscoe Parrish can't be left out of the biggest part of the year, can they?

But there is no arguing the fact that No. 2 for the Hurricanes has been the No. 1 offensive weapon on a team that would not have a problem playing the game with two footballs instead of one. For all the murmuring about the Seminoles being down and ready for a whipping against the Hurricanes, the game still needs to be contested. But with a healthy serving of McGahee, the Hurricanes will reduce any chance of Florida State, 13-point underdogs, pulling off the upset.

Several things: 1. A productive McGahee would imit the potential of Rix going after the Hurricanes secondary, which for their accolades and No. 3 ranking hasn't been tested. 2. If McGahee chews up the yardage it means he stays on the field and Florida State's Greg Jones stays on the sidelines. And as we all know Jones, the Noles leading rusher, can't do much standing on the sidelines. 3. McGahee here and McGahee there will also mean trouble for the Seminoles defense come the third quarter when Miami's offensive line will start taking over.

In the case that the Seminoles do a semi- decent job of bottling up McGahee, they have their own weapon to unleash on the Hurricanes: Jones The Hurricanes defensive line gets a lot of complements (and they obviously should), but the Seminoles should at least make the attempt to run right at Miami (i.e. Boston College). Although the Eagles success was limited (four yards here and three yards there), they controlled the clock for close to two quarters and set the tempo early on.

With Jones running the ball that could open up opportunities for Rix in the passing game. And again, let it be said, the Hurricanes secondary hasn't really had it's backs to the wall this season (unless you count the one drive at Florida). The Seminoles could pull it off with a huge day from Jones and several plays on special teams.

Miami should be content with screaming: Run, Willis, run!

Miami 34, Florida State 16.

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