OL Favors 3, Including UM

This talented left tackle prospect has the Hurricanes among his top three choices. Read on to find out what he likes most about the Canes.

At 6-foot-6 and 315 pounds, Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast standout offensive tackle Aubrey McPhadden has been playing well this season. Despite an injury to his ankle in tonight's game, McPhadden says he's been having "an OK season so far. Could be better, but it could be worse."

McPhadden, who will be taking the SAT on Saturday, said recruiting has been going well for him.

"I'm still looking at Florida State, Florida, and Miami," he said. "And I guess there's a couple others but those are the main ones. I don't have any visits set yet, but I know those will be three of them."

McPhadden talked more about the Hurricanes.

"Coach Hargreaves has been calling and he's a cool guy," he said. "He's been trying to get me in there for a visit. Me and Amp (Amp Hill) will probably visit Miami together. I know they have a great team, a great offensive line coach, and they always seem to do well."

McPhadden said he was hoping to attend the FSU/Miami game this weekend but the SAT test changed his plans. He did, however, attend the Miami/Florida game last month.

"That was crazy over there," he said. "I had a great time. Miami looked real strong. But it was hard to root for anyone since they're both recruiting me. I like all three of them the same right now."

McPhadden was asked what he likes most about the other two schools.

"I like Florida State's strong running game and Florida's strong passing game," he said. "Miami has both of them working right now."

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