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Robert Marve had a lot to talk about when he addressed the media. Marve, Florida's Mr. Football in 2006, talked about a number of things. brings you the interview in two parts -- first text and then video. You don't want to miss this...

On how he's feeling:
I'm feeling really good physically. I'm just trying to get my body back to where it was before. Being able to practice has meant a lot to me. My hand is feeling really good right now. I can take snaps but it's still sensitive on my palm. My hand is healed. I just have never had nerve damage in my hand. I have an open wound that sometimes opens up on me. If I don't go do something stupid, I'll be fine.

On running the scout team offense:
It's helping me a lot more mentally, knowing I'm helping the team in some way. Our goal is get the defense the best look we can and I'm having a lot of fun doing that.

On the learning process:
Everyone knows, (one big thing) is the speed of the game -- how fast the linebackers are flowing, the different coverages. Going against our defense helps me tremendously. We have a great secondary. (Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman), they're really good guys. Combine how long they've been here and how such good guys they are helps me feel more comfortable.

On preparing for the FSU game:
I'm real pumped about it. I'm just trying to have a big (week) out there on the scout team.

On being able to lift:
I'm held back a little but it's getting better every day. Some days I can grip the ball, some I can't. I wrap my hand good, wear a glove. I can always do my legs.

On the ability to take snaps:
It hurts to a certain extent. I don't see what the point is right now. I did that before I was ready and re-opened (the hand). I thought I'd chill out. I (opened it) about two weeks ago. I tried and it didn't work out.

On having to watch games from the sidelines:
It's definitely frustrating. You wanna do everything you can for the team, even if I'm not the starter. I wanna contribute. I'm a big fan of Kyle and Kirby. I'm in the film room with them, a big fan of those two guys. When they go out and ball, I have fun.

On fans being anxious to see him:
I'm not a big guy to pay attention to all that. I was happy when we went 15-0 my senior year and I'll be happy when we win games here. Everything will work out. I trust Coach Shannon and Coach Nix in whatever they decide.

On being 100 percent for the spring:

On use of his injured hand:
I can do a lot but can't put pressure on it. I just started doing push ups again. I can brush my teeth and other stuff like that. Every day that goes by, it becomes more and more normal.

On his playing weight:
I was 197 before the car crash and I dropped down to 183. I'm back up to 195 pounds now.

Click on the link below to watch part 2 of the interview.

Robert Marve Video Interview - Part 2

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