Randy Shannon Q&A

Randy Shannon spoke with the media on Wednesday to discuss a few issues going into the four game layoff with the bye week. It was short, but sweet, but read on to see what Coach Shannon has to say.

On the day's weather:
It was a little cool today with an overcast, we had fun with it. We had lots of one-on-one drills like offensive line-defensive line, linebacker-tight end, linebacker-fullback, and wide receiver-defensive back. It wasn't a short day, it was just fast paced. We played IOB, 7-on-7, (special) teams, and goal line. We just lined up and played hard, we had fun with it.

On Daren Daly:
A field goal makes a difference in a game, so I am not disappointed. Does that mean he has the job? No. He still has to compete in practice. No one remembers anything but the last thing that you do.

On what he expects from the four day layoff:
For the kids to stay out of trouble and to do the right thing.

* As a note, Shannon will be taking this weekend as an opportunity to travel the state of Florida on recruiting trips. He'll be traveling to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville (major football hotbeds outside of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in the state of Florida) as will the other coaches trying to couch base and evaluate some recruits that they haven't given the proper time to like they have with the Dade and Broward kids.

* Shannon will not watch the Boston College @ Virginia Tech game.

On Lance Leggett:
He practiced well. If we had a game today this week, he'd play.

Stay tuned to Canes Time while we attempt to keep you all entertained over the four day layoff.

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