Depth Chart Notes: 10/30

Following a week off, the Hurricanes are now preparing for Saturday's game against N.C. State. Here's a look at some depth chart notes heading into the week.

Kayne Farquharson has officially been moved up on the chart to start at flanker.

Lance Leggett was not on the chart but expect him to move up by Friday. All reports have him as playing very well in practice post injury. I'm intrigued to see where he fits in and see how motivated he is after being out, after speaking with him he seems as motivated as ever. Something tells me him sitting at home at least woke him up a bit.

• Dajleon Farr is still listed as third string. Chris Zellner is the team's starter. The tight end's number has been called more often recently, so the group might start seeing more production. As always, it depends on the situation with these guys. They all have strengths and weaknesses and the team uses them to acceptuate their positives.

Dedrick Epps is still listed as the backup fullback (he really is the starting H-Back though), but expect him to get more snaps and looks. He has been playing well.

• The team happens to like the three man rotation at running back, so expect more of it.

Darryl Sharpton has taken over as the starter at WILL ‘backer. He is feeling great and feels he is going to finish the season strong.

• As of now the starters at corner are Bruce Johnson and Carlos Armour.

• Since Lovon Ponder has returned to free safety, Randy Phillips has moved to backup on the strong side behind Kenny Phillips. I'd still expect to see him play a lot on the weak side as well.

• There is an ongoing battle between Francesco Zampogna and Daren Daly as the teams field goal kicker.

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