Bosher found his spot

Read on to see what Hurricanes' punter Matt Bosher had to say about finding his groove as a punter and what it took to get to that point.

On the personalities of his fellow kickers:

I have a lot of energy. The guys make fun of me all of the time for it.

Francesco Zampogna:
He is older brother type. Always looking out for everyone else. He has a little tempter, just like an older brother.

Daren Daly:
Just a fun guy. You have to be around him enough for a while for him to open up, but once he does, he is a real great guy.

On his improvement in the FSU game:
A lot had to do with my drop. I, for a while didn't really have, or couldn't find my drop, or what was comfortable for me. I worked a lot, watching film and talking to the coaches and got other players to help me.

But other then the drop, I just needed to get myself mentally ready. But, the drop was the big key though.

I just wasn't watching, I wasn't paying attention to what I needed to pay attention to, the drop was a big thing.

On the difference in his drop:
It is just a small spot, it is really hard to tell. It is just the spot of the ball that I'll be hitting my foot with. The way I drop it has a lot to do with where and how I kick it and I needed to find what worked best for my style. It is tough to describe, it is just finding that sweet spot on the ball.

It is different for everyone with how they drop it and how they get to that point. I just had to find my spot.

On what was wrong:
All year, I've been pretty consistent in practice, believe it, or not. I've been punting fairly well. It just came down to in games, it took getting used to the rush and making sure my mind wasn't focused all of the time on that rush and I focused on my mechanics, and that helped a lot, because then I can make sure my drop was on spot during the game.

On his nerves:
I wouldn't say nerves as in, nervousness or shakey. It was more of me focusing on the wrong thing. I was focusing more on the rush then focusing on the mechanics. I was thinking too much ‘I have to get this off quick'. But if I do my mechanics correctly, I will get it off anyway.

On the game slowing down for him:
FSU is a good pressure team, but when I was out there, it didn't seem to go that fast.

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