Leggett back and motivated

Read on to see what Lance Leggett has to say about the FSU game and what it meant to him to sit out the team's biggest game – their rivalry game – during his senior season and what it did to motivate him.

For most of Lance Leggett's teammates, last Saturday's win over Florida State gave them a chance to regain momentum for the team's final stretch of games on the season, and of coruse celebrate on a rival's home turf, but as for Leggett, he celebrated back in Coral Gables on his couch.

It was a trying experience that nearly brought him to tears.

"I was frustrated, especially sitting out during my senior year, against FSU," Lance said. "I almost cried. I just screamed at the television even though they couldn't hear me."

Coming back from injury and putting a stamp on his career at the University of Miami in a positive way is how he wants to end his season. Missing a big game, sitting out, and having to work back into the lineup – a common practice for the Miami coaching staff for injured players – has reinvigorated Leggett.

"I got to work my way back, I feel good, if there was a game today, I'd be able to play," Leggett said following the team's Wednesday practice. "If I didn't come back and play well, it'd be a waste of my senior season."

The biggest part is being able to work his way back up the depth chart.

"I'm not worried about it, that is just how Coach is," Lance said. "If you get hurt, you have to work your way up. I already knew it was coming, and I am working hard to get back."

With the team's week off, Lance feels that it won't only be himself coming in with their head up and confident. After seeing fellow ACC teams lose this past weekend, he knows the opportunity for the ‘Canes is now there to take the ACC Coastal Division, a chance the team has been wanting.

"Everyone knows we are going into the NC State game with our head up," Lance said. "That is how we are going to have to play. We are feeling real good, everyone is working hard. The defense needs to work on tackling and wrapping up and the offense needs to finish plays. But as long as we go out there and practice like we need to, we'll get it done."

Leggett, coming off the injury, has to perform for National Football League scouts this past week. Teams were watching him closely during the team's practices.

"I noticed the clipboards," Leggett said. "I just needed to practice like they weren't there though. I think I practiced real good though."

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