Shannon Presser Q&A

Head coach Randy Shannon addressed the media on Tuesday morning. Read on to see what he had to say about the quarterback situation, N.C. State, the ACC race, and more...

General Statements:

"This week we have NC State coming up. Guys practiced well the other day, they came out and executed a lot of things. We got a lot of work done Sunday. Kyle Wright will practice today. He moved around a little better Sunday and today he'll get some more work. So the status is him, I really don't know if he's going to play a lot but he moved around. We will see what happens as the week goes on and what his status will be. NC State is coming off a big win over Virginia, and Virginia was on a roll. I think this team understands they can't take anyone too lightly. You have to stay focused and come out and do the things we need to do to win this game. I think the one thing that helped us is that we were physical against Florida State."

On Momentum from FSU:

"You can't worry about it. That is the one thing we told our players, to feel good about yourself because the game is over. Now we have to get started up for our next opponent, be focused, and get thigns done that way."

On NC State's win over Virginia:

"That is big confidence for them. Virginia was leading the division with a 7-1 record at that point in time and everything was going good. NC State played well. Their coach will tell them to move past that game. It's going to be a good situation for us."

On the quarterback situation:

"I won't know until Friday. Kirby won two games for us this year. It's good that we have both those guys because you never know when you're going to need someone. I think that everyone across the nation is facing a quarterback situation but for us, it is great that we have both of them. They can step in and win games."

On Controlling Own Fate in the Divisional Race:

"Don't even talk about that. We have to worry about NC State. If we don't take care of them, nothing else matters. No matter what happens down the road, you have to take care of NC State."

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