Kyle Wright Injury Update

Read on to see the status of Hurricane quarterback Kyle Wright for this week's game versus North Carolina State.

So, what is going on with Kyle Wright's ankle?

The most talked about injury on the Miami football team belongs to the starting quarterback and it comes during a time when the Hurricanes more then ever, need it to be in working condition.

"Nobody is ever 100 percent in football," Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon said Tuesday, following the Hurricanes practice. "You are either injured or hurt. If you are hurt, you can play. If you are injured you are out, and you can't play, and you can't do anything."

So what does that make Wright?

Over a week later (ten days to be exact) and no one is really sure, even Wright doesn't know. But what he does know, and was able to tell the media, if there was a game last week, he wouldn't have been able to play. Now, Wright is preparing as if he is going to start.

"I can't really say," Kyle said following practice on Tuesday about his availability. "I tried to do as much as I could during team and individual drills and warm ups."

Wright sprained his left ankle and a sprained the tendon behind his left knee during the Hurricanes 37-29 win over Florida State ten days ago, Wright left the game with an ankle injury only to come back following an injury to Kirby Freeman following the go-ahead touchdown pass for the two point conversion attempt. That was the last offensive play for the Hurricanes.

"I heard something pop," Wright said. "The ankle got turned outside, and both the inside and outside of my ankle was messed up. It was a good pop…if there is such a thing."

It is an injury that could have been a lot worse then it was.

"Thankfully the doctors and I were talking and they said I should be thankful I just came away with a few sprains," Wright said.

Lucky for Wright, and lucky for a Hurricane team that all of a sudden finds itself controlling their own destiny going into the final four game stretch of the regular season.

Win out, and the ‘Canes will be playing for a chance at the ACC Championship and BCS bowl game. Trip up and lose, and they will be in the same position they were two weeks ago, needing a lot of help.

However, it is going to be a day-by-day process for evaluating Wright's ankle.

The cast on his ankle was taken off on Saturday. A weekend, that Wright missed his scheduled trip home during his supposed week off to rehab his injuries. The rehab though, has given Wright some renewed confidence in his ability to play this Saturday.

"I didn't go home, I had to stay here," Wright said. "I was actually in a cast until Saturday, which, thank god it is off now. But it feels a lot better. It is getting better day to day.

"Not going home kind of sucks, but I had to do everything I could to come back."

Wright's rehab treatment's were "too much to list" but sited massage, trips to the hot and cold tub, ultrasound, stretching and exercises. Also, during his down time, elevation, towel exercises, and icing down are the norm.

Wright has been doing everything he can to get his ankle in condition to play this week. Even if he doesn't have full use of his ankle, he will compensate for it.

"(I can't turn it as much) as when I'm healthy," Wright said. "Now, I just have to use a little more arm and just give it as much as I can."


The week off was much needed for Wright, and the whole team. Wright went into some depth about the bye week and how the rest of the team is reacting to their new found optimism about the potential to win the ACC.

"A lot of guys are banged up. We had gone a long time without a break. Coming off that bye week., sometimes can be a bit stagnant. But everyone's mindset isn't like that. We know what we have at stake, we can go one of two ways. We can take advantage of our opportunity that we have been given again because the past few weeks we weren't controlling our own destiny. So, we needed other people to lose, and it has fallen into our laps again and we have to make the best of it."

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