Practice News & Notes: 11/1 has the latest news surrounding the Hurricanes football team. Read on for an injury update on Kyle Wright and others in addition to other tidbits of information...

-Kyle Wright played a full practice today, but Shannon hasn't made a decision yet. He will tommorow. Kyle's looked better since they started practicing. On Tuesday, he worked on just dropping back and throwing the ball, on Wednesday, they worked on handoffs, and today, they worked on rolling him out, which he apparently had no trouble doing.

-Jorge Fernandez is the third string quarterback regardless of what happens between Wright and Freeman.

-Lovon Ponder probably won't play on Saturday, per Shannon

-Lance Leggett is ready to go and will be in the rotation.

-Antonio Dixon is ready to go and will be in the rotation.

-After practice, Sam Shields, Ryan Hill, and Richard Gordon had to stay behind to do extra work, which involved rolling around in the grass and doing some other exercises. It appeared to be a punishment, but Shannon said 'it was part of practice' with a sly smile on his face.

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